Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwhich

To celebrate National Ice Cream Month, I decided to challenge myself to take a creative twist on a summer staple: the ice cream sandwich. We all have fond memories of peeling the paper wrapper off the sandwich and enjoying the sweet, creamy treat complete with bits of the chocolate sandwich wafers sticking to our fingers. Summer wasn’t summer without ‘em, am I right??
I’ve grown up but my love of ice cream hasn’t quite got the memo yet (phew!) and I wanted to elevate the traditional recipe. But, of course, still make it simple enough to make quickly. Then it hit me: strawberry shortcake.
DC Girl in Pearls - Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwich
I picked up vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and packaged buttery biscuits from Trader Joe’s this weekend. You can make this dessert in about 20 minutes and happily feed a group of 8 (or you know, just not share which is totally justified given how yummy this dish is). Bam you’re a great hostess and you won’t even have to sacrifice your chat-athon with your guests. Bonus: if you prep the strawberries at least a couple of hours before serving, the strawberries will taste even sweeter by absorbing the sugar. Let’s just dive into denial together and pretend this is totally kosher for bikini season.
A treat that looks rustically elegant and takes the length of one Big Bang Theory episode to make? Sign me up! Not going to lie, I felt very Pinterest-y throughout the entire process.
Do you have a creative ice cream sandwich recipe or idea? I’m thinking about black + white cookies next. Or do you have a favorite summer memory starring an ice cream sandwich? I’d love to hear it!
Simple Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1 can, Trader Joe's Homemade Biscuits
  • 1 large container, strawberries
  • 1 carton, vanilla ice cream
  • 2-3 tbsp, granulated sugar
  1. Prepare the biscuits following the instructions on the package.
  2. Slice and hull the strawberries, halve them.
  3. Toss the strawberries into a bowl, add 2-3 tbsp of granulated sugar until reach your desired level of sweetness.
  4. Place the strawberries in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
  5. Let biscuits cool.
  6. Serve the ice cream inside the biscuits topped with strawberry mixture.

Written by Lauren of DC Girl in Pearls

Monday, July 21, 2014

Productive Things to Do This Summer

I hate to say it, but I'm getting to the point of summer where I have been feeling lazy and want to get things done. Now I'm not saying I want to go through textbooks and start doing assignments (that would be the day, omg), but a few easy things that don't take much effort or time feel so much better when they're crossed off the mental to do list. Here are 4 productive things to get done this summer!

Clean out and reorganize your computer files
By the end of the year, my laptop is so cluttered with documents and readings that I can never find anything and I end up losing pictures, etc. It takes only a few minutes to clean off your desktop and really makes a huge difference!

Study up on ACT vocabulary
Thanks to Quizlet, studying vocab actually isn't too painful, and actually gets somewhat addictive! For incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school, it's so helpful to get a head start on ACT or SAT vocabulary so you aren't just beginning to review during the school year. 

Go through your closet
If you think my desktop is cluttered, then you don't want to imagine what my closet looks like at the end of the year. Here's a super old post about cleaning out your closet ;)

Make a school supply plan
My absolute favorite thing about going back to school is picking out school supplies, and coming up with a color scheme for my notebooks and binders (oh yes, I'm one of those people). A lot of people wait until the first weekend of school to purchase their supplies, but even just planning out what materials you want to use now can be really useful. 

Don't even get me started on summer reading because I can't think about that yet!

Written by Caroline of Citrus & Style

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Friday: DIY Distressed Denim Shorts

In the summer months denim shorts are one of my closet essentials. I have a few pair that I wear weekly and can't get enough of them. But, just like anything, it's always nice to have a variety to choose from! I've had my eye on so many denim shorts recently, but decided to try to make a pair myself. I watched a few youtube tutorials and read up on sometips and tricks before getting started (and thank goodness I did because it made the process way easier!) Although, I'll admit I still need a freakin' margarita after this project! ;-)
For starters you can use an old pair of denim (like I did) or you can go purchase a cheap pair at a thrift store. I went with a pair of denim that I've had forever but had stopped wearing due to the bottom looking a little worn. Keep in mind if you go thrifting for a pair to not worry about what the bottom half looks like, it won't be there after all! 

For this DIY project you will need:
- a pair of denim
- scissors (if they are fabric scissors, great, if not, normal scissors work just as well!)
- tweezers
- (optional) sand paper
- (optional) Fray-Check

I began by trying on my denim to see the approximate length I wanted to cut off. I put a safety pin in the spot where I wanted to cut. I thought I may cuff my shorts, so I wasn't too worried about getting the bottom extremely straight. I cut mine inside out so I could make sure I wasn't cutting the pockets and could see my cutting lines a little better.

Once I made the initial cut I tried them on again. I ended up cutting just a little bit more off. I then took my scissors and cut a few horizontal slits where I wanted to distress.   Make sure these lines are straight and even!!! After you've cut the slits,  begin by pulling the denim thread vertically. That will start the actual distressing. Note: This part is a little tedious at first but gets easier as you continue. (see more detailed photos on this tutorial from Carrie Bradshaw Lied! ) 

I also ended up using some sand paper that I had lying around from previous projects to add a little more of a distressed look to the pockets. Tip: Use the sandpaper after you've cut your slits to make the area a little easier to tweeze the vertical denim particles out! This made a world of a difference!
After every part I distressed, I tried them on to make a "game plan" of what I wanted to do next. I kind of just went with it as it happened and really like the way they turned out! I can't wait to throw these on this weekend. I'm so excited to add these beauties to my denim shorts collection. I'm also patiently waiting to start my next DIY denim project. hint: It may be this! fact: I need a Sauza margarita after that project and definitely before I start on my next one!

P.S. This Sauza cowboy video is hilarious and is exactly how I thought my shorts were going to come out when I first started the project!

Written by Emily from Life with Emily

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Pasta Salad Recipe

Y'all, this pasta salad is to DIE FOR! It tastes like summer time to me, and it is definitely going to be my new go to side dish to take to summer cookouts and barbecues! It is light, delicious and doesn't have a ton of calories!


• 16 oz uncooked elbow pasta
• 4 cups grape tomatoes, cut in half
• 1 cucumber sliced
• 1/2 cup red onion, finely chopped
• 7 tbsp light mayonnaise
• 2 1/2 tbsp red wine vinegar
• 2 tbsp fat free Greek yogurt
• 2 tsp dijon mustard
• 1/4 tsp oregano
• 1/4 tsp garlic powder
• salt and pepper to taste


Cook pasta in generously salted water according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water. Slice vegetables up and in a medium bowl, combine onions, mayonnaise, vinegar, yogurt, mustard, oregano, garlic powder; mix well. Add tomatoes, cucumber, pasta, salt and pepper to taste, toss well and place in a large bowl. Makes around 10 servings.

Written by Sarah from Belle in the City

Monday, July 14, 2014

Beach Bag Must Haves

In the summer I love nothing more than being a beach bum! While I adore my time at camp I always head home looking forward to and lusting after my time on the beach and by the water! This year I am lucky enough to leave camp and head straight to the beach to soak up some sun and spend time with my family. Between the ample time I have spent at the beach, the pool, and on the boat I've gotten packing the perfect beach tote down to a science!
(Check out last years version of this post here)

Nothing is worse than realizing that you've forgotten something super important once you get all the way to the beach and then you are stuck either without the item or purchasing an overpriced version of the same thing at beach side shops! I am making it super easy for you though with an extended list of anything you may need while lounging about. 

For starters you are going to need an awesome beach bag or tote (check out tons of versatile options that can go seamlessly from the sand to the shops a little less obviously in my post here!) and a few of your favorite swim suits (tons of great & affordable options here!).

bright and extra large tote // huge beach towel (how adorable is the one above!?)  // coverup // flip flops(on super sale) // hat // water bottle / sunnies // fun beach read // sunscreen // chapstick // small bag for inside your tote (it's a game changer, try it next time you are at the beach for your smaller items) // phone + cute case // headphones //

Fill your tote bag with all the necessities!

Written by Dorothy from Prep In Your Step