Friday, November 21, 2014

FF: What To Wear On Thanksgiving

Poncho (sold out, similar) // Striped Tee (H&M old, another great option) // Jeans // Flats // Purse (H&M in stores, online similar) // Sunnies // Watch (old, similar) // Belt (borrowed, similar option) // Necklace (c/o)
Photos by Meaghan of District Sparkle

When it comes to finding the perfect Thanksgiving outfit, I tend to go for comfort and cozy. My family usually spends the holiday at home, watching football and chowing down on some good home cooking. With such an informal setting, my outfit of choice is usually jeans and an oversized sweater. It's the perfect combo for a day of relaxation, family time and scrumptious food. I found this Forever 21 poncho and paired it with a simple striped tee. To dress it up a bit, I added a gold bow belt and J.Crew flats. I love the versatility of this poncho. You can wear it flowy and open as how it's intended, or belt it back for more of a fitted sweater look. Either way, it'll be the perfect attire for Thanksgiving Day.

Written by Kristyn of First Impressions

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Not your average beanie! With beanie season in full swing, why not stand out and create our own. 
I created this beanie for under $12! 

Written by McKenna Bleu of McKenna Bleu

Monday, November 17, 2014

Gifts Under $50 For Her

Can you believe that it's time to start thinking about gift giving already? I'm one of those people who really dislikes dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, so I try my best to buy everything early and as much of it online as I can!Does that make me sound like a grinch?!  There's something I like about being able to research my purchases, look at customer reviews, and purchase in the comfort of my home (and usually in yoga pants!)

So, for those of you who are like me and want to do your holiday shopping online I have compiled a lot of Gift Guides to help you navigate your holiday shopping list! We all know the holidays are supposed to be an enjoyable time, so let me help you take a little bit of stress off and find the perfect gifts for you. I will be back every week with a different gift guide and you can find more ideas on my Pinterest boards where there are gift guides as well! 

Written by Emily of Life With Emily

Friday, November 14, 2014

FF: Crimson Cardi

Crimson Tide Cardigan c/o // Booties (similar) // My favorite pair of denim skinnies // Kate Spade Sunnies // Tory Burch Tote- no longer available.  You can buy mine for $320 (retail $550) or check out this similar one // David Yurman Albion Ring Lips: Marvelous Moxie: Maverick

Yesterday my friend Chelsea (from soon-to-be-launched blog and I set out on a mission in downtown Sarasota to find some perfect locations for outfit pictures.  When we spotted these red steps we knew it would be perfect for this outfit!  Even though it was 100 degrees (no joke) I had to share this Shop Blue Avenue Crimson Tide Cardigan with you!  Besides being versatile and gorgeous it is seriously so soft.  It feels like the softest sweatshirt ever, but sooo much cuter!  In fact, as I write this I have it across my legs as a blanket.  Even though it will be a few more months before I can wear this outside in South Florida, it will definitely be the first item to come out when it finally hits 70 degrees!  I paired it with my favorite jeans, and my large Tory Burch Robinson tote!  It was the perfect fall outfit...if only it were actually fall! ;)

Written by Robin of Living Colorfully

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Uses for Notebooks

Uses For Notebooks
one // two // three

I always love having notebooks on me, and I can never resist buying pretty notebooks! Notebooks are an easy and organized way of recording your thoughts, goals, plans, etc. I have multiple notebooks that are piled on my desk, and I have all different uses for them!

one // to-do list
Ah, the classic to-do list. My to-do list notebook is my life and probably my most important notebook! Everything I need to do, whether it be assignments for school or errands, is recorded in that notebook. Basically if it's not in there, I completely forget about it. This notebook keeps me sane and reminds me of everything I need to get done!

two // journal
I do keep a journal of my life because I think it would be so cool to look back on my life when I'm older and read what my thoughts were as a teenager. Although I don't write in it every day, which is something I would like to do, I do write in it once in a while. I have been journaling since fifth grade, so it's actually kind of funny to read back on what my life was like almost seven years ago!

three // blog
The most important notebook after my to-do list notebook is my blog notebook. It keeps track of all of my ideas, outlines what I want each post to say, and indicates when I will post each one. I always have so many post ideas floating around in my head, so it would be super hard to try to remember them all. My blog notebook helps me to do that!

four // job
If you have a job or internship, it might be helpful to use a notebook for that depending on what your job/internship is. You can use it to keep track of important dates, take notes at meetings, right down ideas, etc. I use a notebook for my social media business. This notebook consists of when I need to post, what I need to post, who my clients are, and more!

five // life plans & goals
We all have so many plans and goals for the future. Whether it be to travel to Italy or own a business, write it down! It'll be cool to look back on these plans and goals one day and see if you still have those plans and goals. It can become your bucket list!

six // accomplishments & gratitude
Sometimes we just have really bad days. Days where we feel unimportant, worthless, and not good enough. Whenever you accomplish something, write it down in a notebook no matter how small it may be. When you're feeling like you can't do anything right, look back at these accomplishments and you'll be reminded that you have succeeded before! If you have something you're grateful for, write that down too. When you feel like you have nothing, you can look back and realize you have been blessed with some pretty great things!

What do you use notebooks for?

Written by Ashley of Private School Prepster

Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Tips On How To Write A Professional Email

No one ever really sits down and teaches you how to write a professional email. It’s kind of something you’re left to figure out on your own. I write emails all.the.time. Whether it’s to a reader, a professor, my school advisor, or a causal email to a friend, I like to think I’ve gotten the hang of emails. It’s important to understand email etiquette so if you’re ever in the situation where your emailing someone about a potential job, or an internship, you really want to impress them!

Here are some of my tips and tricks to writing a professional email.

1.  FONT- First and foremost make sure you use a normal, readable font. The most annoying thing ever is when you get an email and it’s in a weird curly font that I need help deciphering what it says. I suggest sticking to Times New Roman, Arial, or Cambria.

2.  EMAIL ADDRESS- The first thing someone is going to see when your email pops up is who it’s from. The last thing you want them to see is your embarrassing email address from 8th grade. We all have them, mine was just as embarrassing as everyone else’s, but I have since then made a new email address with my name that I use for all my professional emails. I suggest creating an email address that has your first and last name in it so people can easily recognize who the email is from right when it pops up in their inbox.

3.  SUBJECT- The second thing someone is going to see when your email pops up is the subject. Make your subject concise, and to the point. This will help the recipient easily identify what it’s about and serve as a refresher when they are answering emails. If you are emailing about a possible internship, put in the subject box: “Internship Inquiry”.

4.  SPELL CHECK- Grammar is essential. The best tip I can give to avoid spelling mistakes and little grammar issues in important emails is to write your email in Word first. I will be the first to admit I am the worst speller. It took me until 9th grade to learn the different between essay and easy. Word helps me catch the little mistakes and then your can easily copy and paste it over into the email. After you have written it,  read over it multiple times to make sure everything makes sense. The best way to ensure it makes sense is to read it out loud. You would be surprised how many mistakes you find when you read something you wrote out loud!

5.  CONCISE- Keep in mind that short, sweet, and to the point is the best way to write a email. It’s okay to fluff it up a little but I highly suggest not writing a page long email for one little question. A short opening explaining who you are/ asking your questions will do and then following with a nice closing thanking them for their time is perfect! Most professionals are on tight time schedules and the worst thing is when you receive a super long email for one little question!

6.  THIS ISN’T TEXTING- This isn’t texting. Although you can send emails from your phone you have to keep in mind that email is a more formal, professional way of communicating than texting. Don’t use acronyms like LOL, JK, and NBD. Although they might be okay in a tweet or text they are not appropriate for an email. The same goes for punctuation. Although you might not use periods or commas in a text, you definitely need proper punctuation in an email. I have a tendency to  use ALL CAPS a lot in texts, but definitely avoid doing that in an email.

7.  TIMELY- Imagine if you were on the other end. You would want them to reply to you as soon as possible so try to reciprocate that by replying to any emails you get in a very timely fashion. If it is extremely time sensitive try to reply within a day and all other emails I would suggest 3 days maximum.

8.  BE POSITIVE- I cannot stand negative nelly’s. It’s no fun to receive a depressing email from someone who doesn’t believe in themself! If you are emailing  a professional, it’s highly important to sound positive and confident. People like to surround themselves with positive people and they can tell through your email that you are a happy positive person, they’re more likely to want to hire you!

9.  WAIT- One small trick I learned when I was younger from my dad was to wait to fill in the “To” email address until you are completely done with the email. This prevents you accidently pressing the send button before you are done and it being sent unfinished!

10.  CONTACT INFORMATION- Make sure to include contact information in your signature. I usually have my email under my name as well as my cell phone number in case they would prefer to call me!

Written by Shannon of Prep Avenue

Friday, November 7, 2014

FF: Sweater Weather

SheInside Aztec Print Sweater (c/o) | J. Crew Toothpick Jean in Ecru | Frye Melissa Button Back Zip Boot

Sweater weather is upon us, and I'm choosing favorites. This SheInside aztec print sweater just might be it! It's oversized and soooo cozy, making it perfect for layering. I belted it over a cami and oatmeal colored skinnies for an everyday look, but it'll be just as cute over leggings and a tee for casual days!

Written by Shelby of Lucky Day