Friday, December 19, 2014

FF: Sequin Chic

It's that time of year again where holiday parties take up a lot of space in our social calendars. While it's always fun to gather with friends and family, the "what to wear" factor can sometimes be stressful, at least I know it is for me! This past weekend I had my first holiday party of the season and had been attempting to outfit plan for a few days to no avail. When this sequin and velvet top showed up at my doorstep from Piperlime there was no longer a question of what to wear, because this was it! It is absolutely stunning (even more so) in person. I paired it with these AG jeans and a chambray top to give it a more casual feel, but I think it would also look great with leather leggings and a chunky necklace. Let's be honest...the possibilities are endless with it. I definitely felt like I was having a moment of chic in this sequin number, that's for sure! 

Top: Piperlime c/o  & J.Crew Factory Chambray | Denim: AG Jeans c/o Piperlime | Heels: DSW | Earrings: J.Crew Factory| Sunglasses: Proof Eyewear | Bag: Kate Spade (similar)

Written by Emily of Life With Emily

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

White Hot Chocolate Recipe

There's no better way to get into the holiday spirit than with hot chocolate. I have great memories of snow days spent sledding and walking down to the local coffeeshop where I would get the best white chocolate hot chocolate. Today I'm bringing you a super easy recipe to make it yourself! This is a great one to have up your sleeve for a holiday get together or even just a night in with a cozy blanket and your favorite Christmas movie!

So here's what you need:
4 cups of milk of your choice
1tsp. vanilla extract
8 oz. white chocolate chopped
whipped cream & marshmallows or peppermint

Now to make it!
1. Stir together milk, vanilla and chopped pieces of white chocolate in a medium saucepan.
2. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasional
3. Continue until the white hot chocolate comes to a simmer (don't let it boil!)
4. Remove from heat and pour into mug
5. Top with whipped cream and marshmallows. You can also ring the mug with peppermint crumbles!
6. Cuddle up and sip!

Try out this recipe and let me know what you think! Does anyone else have a great specialty hot chocolate recipe?!

Written by Emily of Emily and Dot

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tips For Packing The Perfect Holiday Travel Carry-On

One and a half week down of Countdown to Blogmas! I’ve been loving everyone else’s posts… go check them out by searching #Countdown2Blogmas on social media.
Holiday travel is so fun! All of my family members live within a two hour radius, so I never have to hop on a plane to visit any of them for the holiday season. However, I know plenty of people that travel by plane to visit relatives in order to properly celebrate any of the fun holidays in December. Here are my tips for packing a great holiday carry-on bag….
Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.37.50 PMHoliday Travel Essentials
Bringing a bigger bag is a smart idea – if you are traveling specifically for Christmas or Hanukkah, you might come back with gifts that you might want to use to entertain yourself on the ride home! And of course, you might be bringing gifts with you to your destination (but I’ll get to that later…)
Holiday travel means lots of families on planes and in the airport – often with young kids. Bring a pair of heavy duty headphones to drown out (possible) babies crying on your flight in order to rest up properly.
After arriving at the airport, pick up some December/January issues! I love browsing through these, and especially for fellow bloggers, they might provide fun inspiration for future blog posts.
Chances are, if you are traveling for the holidays, you are bringing some gifts for family members with you. Pack them in your carry on – the most obvious reason would be because if you’re luggage gets lost, then you still have the gifts!
It might just be me, but I rarely ever wear make-up when I’m traveling on a plane. Therefore, pack some moisturizer and perhaps a few makeup essentials so you can touch up and hydrate your skin before you go see all your friends and family!
What’s your #1 tip for packing a holiday carry-on?

Written by Jamie of The Fashion Newcomer 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Tips for Surviving Finals

 Today I want to share a few tips I have picked up over the years for surviving finals. I will share some things I recommend before and some things to do during the finals!


Make study guides- use color coded pens to help. Say you are studying two different things that you have to keep separate in your mind for one final. When it comes time to take the final and you see a question, you might not remember which side it was on, but you remember that it was in red so that means it was on the left side or something like that!

Use sticky flags to mark important pages- personally I use this the most for Spanish because certain pages have vocab or grammar that I need to be able to find easily. It is also really handy when you are reading a book that you will have to do some sort of report on. Then when it comes time to write your speech or paper, it will be super easy to just flip through to the important pages.

Highlight the most important things- If you have handouts or books you can highlight in, highlight the most important things! I promise, it helps! If you want to get really fancy, color code your highlights to fit your needs!

Reward yourself- Find fun little ways to reward yourself for actually studying. Make sure you only give yourself these rewards if you ACTUALLY accomplish something while studying. One example is 5 minutes on social media if you study for 30 minutes. Or once I had a math assignment that I DID NOT want to do at all. (Basically describes every math assignment every but moving on...) I put M&M's next to each problem and after I successfully completed it I got a piece of candy. I felt kind of like a 5 year old, but whatever works!

Stay organized- A really important thing to keep in mind throughout the entire semester is to stay organized. I personally have one binder that is always with me at school and always comes home after school with me. I keep basically everything in there. But after a test when I know I won't need the stuff until the finals, I take them out and stick them in a separate binder at home. Then when finals roll around, I can find everything I need really easily.

Study in groups- This year me and two close friends study before every single physics test or quiz. It honestly helps so much to study in small groups like that, as long as everyone stays focused. Sure, we do get off topic, but I never walk away saying "Wow that was a waste of three hours." And you know what? I have kept an A in physics all year so we must be doing something right!


Bring extra batteries if you have a calculator- My sophomore year in the middle of a math final, my calculator died. I almost died right along with it, but luckily my teacher had an extra calculator and she was feeling nice that day and let me use it. Crisis averted.

Have extra pencils/pens too- You never know when your trusted utensil could stop working!

Take a deep breath- There usually is no need to rush though, so in the beginning sit there for 5 or 10 seconds before you begin. Think positive thoughts!

Show work- Showing work has come in handy so many times for me because usually the teacher will give you at least partial credit even if you accidentally messed up one part. Plus, in case you get a phenomenal grade that happens to be the same as your neighbors, it will help prove you didn't cheat. I always think about this for my physics tests because the two girls I have study group with sit right by me in physics. And since we studied together we usually miss about the same questions. But if we all have our own work, it is way less likely that we just looked over at the other person's test and copied an answer. 

Written by Scarlett of The Trendy Chick

Monday, December 8, 2014

6 Ways To Stay Cozy This Winter

As the temperatures are slowly falling or plummeting in some places I can't help but long to be super cozy indoors (instead of being in the library). I am definitely counting down the days until Christmas break and getting back home but until then I will be applying these practices as frequently as I can between study sessions.

Bundle Up and Layer
Is there anything cozier than curling up under a blanket? I guess if I do have to retreat from the blanket layering clothing is the perfect way to translate comfy cozy to cute and cozy. Whether it is socks, sweaters, scarves, or slippers I am all about being comfortable in the cold. 

A Big Mug Filled With A Warm Drink
Hot chocolate, tea, or coffee are all beyond acceptable when trying to warm up in the winter. Lately I have been relying on coffee to keep me going but I adore a warm mug of hot chocolate on a relaxing evening of movie watching or chatting with friends as well.

Curl Up By The Fire 
Preferably with a book or movie of course holiday related. I am desperately hoping that the weather is chilly enough when I get home for several fires while I'm curled up on the couch. Everything seems more in season when the temperatures are cooler and a fire is going.

Light Great Smelling Candle or Bake Something Delicious Smelling
On a similar note as fires I am a big fan of candles. My mom is also so blame her! Having a warm delicious treat or candles aroma filling a room makes everything feel a bit cozier. 

Adjust the Lights
For me, this means dimming the lights! I enjoy turning off the lights in my room and turning on some festive Christmas lights when I am hoping to get cozy. If I had a dimmer I would definitely use it but my Christmas lights are the perfect compromise!

Be in Good Company
Your family and friends will surely cause you to feel a bit more cozy and at home. Surrounding yourself with good company (for me, usually in addition to many of these other suggestions) screams winter in the best way possible. Whether we are conversing or watching a movie I love being around my friends and family when I am escaping frigid temperatures!

What are your favorite ways to stay cozy?

Written by Dorothy of Prep In your Step

Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Best Selling Monogrammed Gifts

Need an idea for a gift and don't know what to get? Marley Lilly's monogrammed gifts are an excellent, personalized solution for any occasion! With such a wide variety of products, you'll be able to find a custom gift for all the special people in your life! Browse through our best sellers and get a personalized, monogrammed keepsake for yourself or loved on today!

Monogrammed Fleece Vest
This exceptionally soft monogrammed fleece vest will keep you warm during everyday activities! It has a gently contoured silhouette and twill-taped neck for a flattering look on all body types. The custom vest also features bungee cord pulls along the bottom hem for fit adjustment, a full-length zipper up the middle and front zippered pockets on either side and two interior pockets. Made of 100% Polyester. 

Monogrammed Pullover Rain Jacket
Monogrammed Pullover Rain Jackets are our favorite rainy accessory! This jacket is wind and water-resistant with flannel lining throughout for softness. It conveniently packs into its front pouch pocket for storage. This jacket features an extended zipper above the neck that offers extra protection against wind. It has front pockets, elasticized cuffs, and an open hem with shock cord drawstring. Keep in mind this is a unisex jacket; therefore ladies may find the item a little roomy, so please order sizes accordingly! Made of River Tec Nylon and 100% Cotton.

Monogrammed Luxe Cross Body Clutch
This might be our favorite cross body bag! The Luxe clutch is made of synthetic leather and has a pebble finish to the material. The hardware is gold in color and there is a removable strap so the bag can be carried as a personalized clutch or a monogrammed cross body bag. The Luxe Clutch measures 11 by 7 inches and comes in a variety of bright colors. Each bag has a different color trim as you can see by the photo. The trim color is not very obvious, but it is a nice detail that adds to the Luxe feel of the bag! Inside there is a snap closure to help keep important items inside the bag!

Monogrammed Sterling Silver Zara Ring
This Sterling Silver Monogrammed Zara Ring has an oval engraving plate that measures approximately 13mm tall and 16mm wide with a braided rope accent around the edges adding just a touch of flair! This ring is perfect for everyone and adds the perfect touch to any outfit! Makes a great gift as well!!!

Monogrammed Long Sleeve Denim Shirt
With sturdy construction, a generous cut and soft garment washing, our monogrammed long sleeve denim shirt look great dressed up or down! This custom shirt features horn-tone buttons, button-through sleeve plackets and adjustable cuffs. The tuck-in tail can be tucked in for a more dressy look or left out with leggings. Please note that due to special finish processes, the denim color may vary. Made of 100% Cotton.

Monogrammed Taylor Bracelet
This Monogrammed Taylor Bracelet is timeless and classy! Featuring a circular monogrammed disc measuring approximately 3/4 inch, this custom bracelet has a circumference of about 9 inches!! Available in silver or gold tone, this bracelet is sure to match any piece of jewelry you already own! Makes a great gift for any woman in your life! Pair this with our taylor ring and necklace to complete the look!!

Monogrammed Taylor Ring
This Monogrammed Taylor Ring has a simply classic circular monogrammed surface measuring approximately 1/2 inch!! Available in silver or gold tone, this ring is sure to match any piece of jewelry you already own!!! Makes a great gift for any woman in your life! After all, monograms go with everything!!!

Monogrammed Taylor Necklace

This Monogrammed Taylor Necklace has a simply classic circular monogrammed surface measuring approximately 7/8 inch!! Available in silver or gold tone with an adjustable chain, this necklace is sure to match any piece of jewelry you already own!!! Makes a great gift for any woman in your life! Pair this with our taylor ring and taylor bracelet to complete the look!

Monogrammed Puffy Vest
Monogrammed Puffy Vests are the ultimate preppy winter staple item! They are great for layering over a long sleeve shirt, a preppy sweater or under a jacket. This personalized puffy vest features two front zippered pockets and two interior pockets. There is a drawstring with toggles located along the bottom hem for fit adjustments. These vest fit true to size so we suggest ordering the same size you typically wear in women's outerwear. Made of 100% Polyester. Available in SIX colors, sizes XS-4XL.

Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt
This Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt has a stylish feminine fit and features a 1/4 zip. Considered a casual essential, it has a rib knit collar and cuffs with a zipper dyed to match the fabric color. This sweatshirt is made true to size so we suggest ordering your current size. Made of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. Available in EIGHT colors, sizes XS-4XL!

Monogrammed Sterling Silver Nala Ring
Our Sterling Silver Monogrammed Nala Ring is the perfect compliment to any outfit! Whether dressed up or dressed down, this round ring with a braided rope boarder is a great addition to any look! Measuring approximately 1/2 inch, this ring is the perfect size for everyone. Also check out our matching Nala Necklace and Nala Earrings to complete the whole look! Available in whole sizes 4-10.

Monogrammed Teardrop Stone Bracelet
This great stone teardrop bracelet is such a great piece! The circle disc is approximately 5/8 inch, so your monogram will be just the right size to get noticed! Available in four stone colors, this bracelet will compliment every outfit!! Wear it alone or with other bracelets to create your own individual look! The approximate circumference of this bracelet is between 7 to 7 1/2 inches! Available in 20+ colors.

Monogrammed New England Rain Jacket
Our Monogrammed New England Rain Jacket is 100% wind and waterproof. This jacket is lined with grey mesh for airflow circulation and its lined sleeves provide easy on/off dressing. The hood and open hem of this jacket feature shock cord drawstrings for fit adjustment. This jacket has front-vented capes for breathability and easy decorating access. It also has a reflective stripe accent on the front and backsides, and a 2-way front zipper for freer movement. Additional features include: covered zippered side pockets, adjustable cuffs with hook and loop closure, and A-line styling. Made of bonded Polyurethane, mesh, and Taffeta Nylon. Available in SIX colors.

Monogrammed Baseball Hat
Look cute and sporty in a Monogrammed Baseball Hat! They are great for sun, fun, and bad hair days. Available in a variety of different colors, they make wonderful gifts for anyone! These cotton twill hats have a great brushed look and are super soft. While the majority of these custom hats have a metal clip, the hot pink and aqua baseball hats have a velcro closure back. Available in 10+ Colors!

Monogrammed Sunshine Satchel
With our Monogrammed Sunshine Satchel Duffel Bag, you can travel in style! With two quick snaps, you can change your satchel into a duffel bag. Featuring one large zippered pouch and two slide-in-easy-access pockets. You can use the 15” short, strong leather handles or the long, adjustable canvas & leather strap for carrying. Want to take the long strap off completely? Sure! – just unsnap the side rings. Measuring 15” x 28” x 10”. Made of 20 oz. Cotton Canvas. Available in FIVE colors!

Monogrammed Cashmere Feel Scarf
Keep warm with one of these Monogrammed Cashmere Feel Scarves! Made of a super soft acrylic material, they feel warm and cozy against your skin and help block the cold on those nippy fall and winter days. Each scarf measures 12 inches wide by 70 inches long, however these measurements can differ slightly from scarf to scarf. The monogram will be approximately 3.4" wide depending on the font chosen! Choose between our numerous colors and patterns to create your unique scarf! Available in 30+ Colors!

Monogrammed Pashmina Scarf
These personalized scarves are wide and made of 100% super soft acrylic. These are 190 gram pashminas and measure approximately 28x70 inches. If you are a super picky person and looking for a perfect monogram, we would suggest going with the cashmere feel scarf. Since this is a knitted material, you are not going to get a PERFECT shaped monogram. Due to the woven nature of a pashmina and the tight stitching from an embroidery machine, there will be gaps in the pashmina fabric around the letters. These monogrammed pashmina scarves are adorable and are a great weight so you can wear it without feeling like there is a ton of fabric around your neck. Available in 20+ colors.

Monogrammed Tassel Key Chain
Spice up your key ring with one of our Monogrammed Tassel Key Chains! This key chain has an engravable disc that measures 1 3/8 inches with a 2 inch tassel in the color of your choice! Just the right size to be noticed without overwhelming your chain. Keep in mind, the engraving on this item is subtle. For the best visibility, we suggest the Interlocking font. Available in 20 colors!

Monogrammed Long Sleeve Stitched Pocket T-Shirt
Monogrammed Long Sleeve Crew Neck Stitched Pocket T-Shirts are must have in your closet! The preshrunk cotton shirts fit pretty true to size. If you normally wear a medium in a t-shirt we would expect you to wear a medium in this shirt. The shirts are of very nice quality and are made of 100% Cotton. Please note that while the top of the pocket will be open and not sewn to the shirt, the stitch line right above the monogram will be sewn to the shirt, which makes the pocket unusable. It will not appear completely sewn to the shirt, but you won't be able to store your nick knacks inside.

Monogrammed Running Shorts

These Monogrammed Running Shorts are the perfect gift for the girl that has everything! For training or relaxing, our feminine shorts keep pace with high-performance moisture control. Tricot side panels provide breathability and add athletic style. The shorts feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring tie and an internal pocket to hold smaller items. Made of 100% Polyester. Available in 11 Colors! Care Instructions: Do not use fabric softener when washing these running shorts. It could cause the monogram to peel off the shorts. These shorts are not embroidered.

Monogrammed Acrylic Necklace
Our floating Monogram Acrylic Cut Out Necklace comes in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find the perfect one to compliment your look! Pricing varies depending on the pendant size! We have Small, Medium and Large styles available, plus you can select a gold or silver tone adjustable chain! These necklaces make the perfect gift for everyone!!

Monogrammed Crewneck Sweatshirt
This traditional Monogrammed Crewneck is the perfect preppy sweatshirt for everyday wear. It features a ribbed seam neckline, wristbands and waistband that stretch for a more comfortable fit. This item is a traditional unisex sweatshirt. Made of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester. Available in 12 colors! Care Instructions: Do not use fabric softener when washing this shirt. It could cause the monogram to peel off. This shirt is not embroidered.

Monogrammed Eddie Bauer Windbreaker
Wind was the inspiration for this Monogrammed Eddie Bauer Windbreaker with its compact layer that packs down into a pocket, making it easy to carry wherever you go. It features a hood with draw cord and toggles for adjustability, underarm vents and front zippered pockets. The cuffs are elastic, providing a close fit and more insulation in the arms. There is an Eddie Bauer Logo along the bottom hem of the jacket. Please note that this custom jacket is water resistant but not waterproof. We would suggest that you not wear it in the rain. Available in SIX colors! Made of 100% Nylon.

Monogrammed Ballet Flats
Introducing our NEW Monogrammed Ballet Flats! Perfect for the holidays, these personalized flats are available in a wide variety of adorable colors! The flats fit true to size. The custom flats are personalized with durable vinyl material. Would make a great gift for your loved one this holiday season! Available in FIVE colors!

Peace, Love and Monograms
Marley Lilly Staff