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Cupcake Stand

Want to make a cute multi purpose tray out of things found around the house or at a thrift store? Here's how!
You'll need glass or durable plastic plates, glasses or candlestick holders, frosted glass spray, glossy

colored spray paint, and any kind of silicone adhesive selant

1. Make sure the plates, glasses, or candlestick holders are all clean and free of stickers and pricetags

2. Spray a couple of thick coats of frosted glass spray and let dry fully

3. Spray a couple of thick coats of glossy colored spray paint and let dry fully

4. use the silicone adehsive sealant aroudn the rim of either the candlestick holder or the glass and press against the plate where you would like it to sit.

The silicone takes around 12 hours to fully cure

Cupcake Stand

These trays are great for almost anything! Use them to display cakes or cupcakes, hold dish or hand soap, or even jewelry and keys!


Cupcake Stand

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