Put a Sock In It!

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Have you tried the sock bun? Perfect for those late mornings when you have to get ready in a rush! It'll look like you spent wayy more than five minutes on your hair and no one has to know!

All you need is an old sock, a hair tie, bobby pins, and a little hairspray. 

Sock Bun Tutorial

Cut the end off of the sock and roll it into a donut shape.  Using the hair tie, put your hair into a low or high ponytail, whichever you prefer!  Put the end of your hair through the donut and carefully separate your hair and tuck it under the donut.  Slowly roll your hair down over the donut.  As you get closer to your head, straighten and tuck stray pieces to keep the bun neat.  Depending on the texture and fullness of your hair, you may need to use a couple bobby pins to keep it in place.  Spray with a little hair spray and you're good to go!

Sock Bun

If you do the bun with damp hair and then take it out after your hair has dried, it can create loose curls too!

Sock Bun Curls

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  1. I never knew you could get fabulous curls for this too... I'm going to try this tomorrow :)


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