How Trendy Are You?

by - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've been really into some of the popular trends right now. After doing a little research here are some of the things that are really "IN" for this season...

1. According to, SEA CREATURES are really trendy right now.  Here are some examples that I am wanting to add to my wardrobe!

This adorable, yet sophisticated, seahorse necklace from J.Crew is a must have! The orangey-red color is PERFECT with navy!

This dazzling starfish ring is also from J.Crew! I was hoping to purchase this when I visited the Factory Store during my last visit , but I spent all my money and forgot about it! Whoops! 

You can score this cute fish tee from the J.Crew factory outlet! (PSHH! It's on sale!) I like how it is so plain and simple and it would look great with some bright shorts!

2. On to the next trend! LACE! There are tons of cute options-- but here are some of my favorites: 


OMG! Oh how I love this top! The lace is adorable and I can't help but lust over that little bow on the back! Not to mention, wouldn't this look adorable with that orange seahorse necklace?

Isn't this pink dress so fun and flirty? I wanted to get this dress sooo bad, but unfortunately the store was out of my size. And if it wasn't cute enough, the pink lace is adorned with gorgeous orange trim. 

3. In addition, according to Glamor Magazine OVERSIZED HATS are super popular! Here are some adorable ones:

This darling floppy hat comes in lots of colors and styles!  You can even personalize it with your own monogram!

This fedora would be a super trendy addition to any outfit.  I think the striped ribbon around it is a nice touch that adds a little pizzaz! 
4. Lastly, NEONS are (if you haven't already noticed) very in! Here are some cute finds: 

This neon orange belt is just what you need! It is the perfect summer essential to add to a tucked in shirt and a pair of shorts. 

How about these bright nike shoes?! These actually make me want to go to the gym!

Ok, I can't help it.... I am IN LOVE with these pants! They are the perfect combo of neon and lace! The pink is so lovely and the details are..... well just PERFECT! These would definitely be in my closet (if I babysat... for a looooong time). 

What trends are you loving right now?

Posted by Caroline from Citrus and Style

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  1. Love everything on here!! I just got a Marley Lilly floppy hat for my birthday & I adore it! :):)


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