Packing for Today's Traveler

by - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer time means family vacations, traveling, and a lot of suitcase packing!  When preparing for summer vacay I am one of those people who is convinced I am going to need my entire wardrobe for just a 3 night stay, and I just know I am going to end up NEEDING that one thing I decided to leave behind!

When flying I’m double crossing my fingers and toes while weighing my luggage hoping that I don’t exceed the weight limit (which is entirely unreasonable if you ask me…or any other woman).

I have finally decided that it’s not fair for me to take up the entire trunk of the car when going on road trips, so I have devised a way to pack smart and pack light! You can follow these tips for today’s traveler. Hopefully it will help to avoid swearing in the check-in line at the airport, and help prevent your husband from pulling a muscle after carrying all of your bags. 

1.     Start with a small bag. It is human nature to want to fill all that empty space, so pick something small and practical. You can maximize the space by rolling socks, underwear and casual clothes. Our Tote is a perfect size and not to mention, adorable!

2.     Make a list. There is nothing I like more than the instant gratification of marking something off a list, so if you are like me then try making a list of the necessities before tossing your entire closet into a suitcase! Start making the list ahead of time, so you avoid impulse packing, or get some great ideas from here!

3. Minimize cosmetics and toiletries by using travel size bottles. If you can't find your salon brand in a travel size don't forget you can buy empty bottles and fill them with your favorite products!

4. Pack items that are versatile. Bring items you can pair with anything, and that are easy to dress up or dress down.  I have found that jewelry can make a great statement piece with any outfit and it conveniently takes up almost zero space in my suitcase!

5. Just pack less. I know this is easier said than done, but think about what you are tossing in that suitcase. Find out ahead of time what your plans will be while on vacation, so that you are avoiding the "what-if's" and only packing the essentials
Well, there ya have it! My tips to packing the essentials. We’d love to hear your packing tips! Check out what Samantha from Subtly Fabulous puts in her suitcase!
P.S. Don't forget your luggage tag


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