Reduce, Reuse, Re-Lilly.

by - Monday, October 01, 2012

Here are Marley Lilly, we love anything DIY.  And...who doesn't love Lilly Pulitzer?  When we saw Anna Kate's blog at High Cotton about turning her old Lilly agenda pages into a work of art, we just had to share!!

Crafting for my new apartment continues...I blame Pinterest. I saw a pin for how to create coasters using old Lilly Pulitzer agenda pages (totally plan on doing), and I figured why not use them for something bigger? I had a vision for a large, modge-podged, Lilly-themed piece of artwork to adorn my walls, and today this finally came to life.

I recently ordered the new Lilly Pulitzer 2013 Jumbo Agenda (LOVE it),
so I didn't hesitate to rip out the pages of my old one for decorating purposes.

I had an old Lilly shopping bag still laying around, so I decided to use that as the center of the piece.
Cardboard backing from the frame served as the base, and using (homemade) 'modge podge' I applied the pages.
If you're interested in how to create and use homemade modge podge, see my previous post here.
I have discovered the keys to using modge podge are: use sparingly (light coats, please),
keep a rolling pin nearby to smooth things out, and let dry completely before applying another coat.
Follow those simple steps and...

Voilà! Beautiful, Lilly-esque, artwork.
 Written by Anna Kate from High Cotton

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