Trend Report: Burgundy

by - Friday, October 05, 2012

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Hi Lovely Readers!
So I thought I would start yet another new tradition  at Citrus and Style: Trend Reports! Whenever I notice a new trend, I am going to do a post on my thoughts and ideas of how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

A current trend I have noticed lately is: Burgundy. Whether it be burgundy skinny jeans or a burgundy cross body bag, it seems to be quite popular at the moment! I subscribe to Designer Apparel's emails and yesterday they sent me one filled with burgundy, everything!

Even InStyle is (kind of, even though it looks kind of purple..) in on the trend!

Here are some of my burgundy picks:

Are you loving burgundy? Comment below!

 Written by Caroline from Citrus and Style

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