Velvet Jeans

by - Monday, October 15, 2012

We'd like to welcome Kasey from Preppy Love as a guest blogger.  Kasey is a student at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She has a Bachelor's in Journalism from the University of Texas. We are excited to welcome to her to The Monogrammed Life Family! To learn more about Kasey, check out our Meet the Bloggers page!

Velvet jeans? If you had mentioned velvet jeans to me without telling me J.Crew did them, I don't think I would have liked the idea. Velvet conjures up images of little girls in Christmas dresses. But when I saw these blush velvet jeans that J.Crew did, I knew I had to have them! They are such a great neutral that they will go with everything and they just sound so soft!

As proof that they go with every style, here are the velvet jeans done four very different ways:

velvet pants four ways

 Written by Kasey from Preppy Love

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  1. Sorry this is so late, but I am thinking of buying these pants and I'm curious of your thoughts on their fit. I've never tried on the Factory Midrise Jean, let alone in velvet, but I know their toothpick jeans are all over the map for me - in some pairs, a size 26 can't even get past my thighs, and in another I drown in a size 25.. Did you find these to be true to size? How was the stretch in them? I love them SO much, but I don't want to waste my time. Thanks!


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