Make Up Brush 101

by - Monday, January 21, 2013

Finally ready to step it up and invest in some quality make up brushes?  If you aren't exactly sure which ones you need or are just looking to invest in a few start brushes - check out this blog post from Samantha at Subtly Fabulous! She has a great guide explaining her go-to brushes!
Knowing your make-up brushes is important when it comes to getting the look you want. Here are the 5 basic brushes I would suggest you have.
1. Liquid Foundation | This brush is the most important, and while others prefer a make-up sponge or their hands, I find you get the best results with the brush. It also does not waste as much of your foundation as a sponge does.
2. Powder | You want a good sized brush because you are trying to cover a lot of area. I mostly use powder to set my foundation so it is important to have a lighter, and fluffy brush to achieve this.
3. Blush | Some people prefer an angled blush brush, but I find that when you use one of those, it gives you a harsh line of where the blush ends. This even and larger brush allows you to have a more natural blush line.
4. Eye Shadow | For everyday wear, I don’t do anything fancy for shadow (if I wear it at all) so I prefer a medium shadow brush to simply sweep a single color on.
5. Angled Brush | This is used for smudging the liner into the lash line as well as creating a winged or cat-eye look. While I do not use this brush daily, it is a brush that is very useful.

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