What Sundays are For

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When I was in college I always looked forward to the weekends because it meant going out with friends and game day fun. But then came the dreaded Sunday where I would have to spend the entire day in the library writing papers, working on design projects, and preparing for the following week. No fun.

Now I look forward to the weekend not only because I get a break from work, but because that also means time to relax. I don't have to bring my work home with me, I don't have to stress, and I don't have anything to do on Sundays. Which, to me, is nearly perfect. I can spend all day doing what I want to do!

Here are some things that I enjoy doing on my Sundays!

Cozy up with a good book: I love reading. During the week it is hard for me to find time to read, except right before bed, so I love spending my Sunday laying around catching up with a good book!

Catch up on weekly TV shows: I have a confession: I don't have cable in my new apartment. Weird? Yes. Beneficial? Yes. I am working from 8:30- 5:30 during the week, so I didn't really see the point in having cable when I am rarely there to watch it. Instead I have the Roku, which like Apple TV, has Netflix, Hulu Plus, and a number of other apps. I can still watch all of my weekly shows that I love (that I missed during the week!)

Write my blog posts for the week: I'm not always inspired to write all of my blog posts at once, but occasionally I will have so many ideas running through my head that I find it best if I just write them while they come to me! If I am lacking inspiration or words I simply brainstorm what I could blog about for the upcoming week.

Get in a good workout: With the holiday and all the food I really got slack in my workout routine. No more of that. Warmer temperatures are just around the corner (in the South at least) and that is all the motivation I need to get my butt back in the gym!

Clean, organize & do laundry: Nothing starts my week off better than having a clean apartment, knowing where everything is, and having fresh clothes and sheets. It starts the week off on a good foot and allows me to have more time for other things during the week! Plus, these are things I like to do anyways, so they don't seem like chores!

What do you like to do on your Sunday?
 Written by Emily from Life with Emily

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