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by - Monday, March 25, 2013

I am always caught rummaging around in my purse looking for the same items over and over again- you’d think by now I would have learned to always keep them with me. Anyways, I have come up with a list of things I think are essential to girls to keep with them at all times. Grab a cute cosmetic bag and fill it up, keep it in your purse or schoolbag so you’re never without these essentials!
Cosmetic bag: this is the first step, find one you love that way it will be more appealing to you to carry it with you all the time.
Q-tips: they can be used for so much! I tend to wear bright lipstick so I always need to have a q-tip with me in case of a smudging emergency. They also come in handy for fixing eye make-up.
Band-aids: between blisters, paper cuts, running into something, I am a mess. I always need to have band-aids- I usually also have the blister kind and some neosporin as well.
Money: always keep an extra stash of cash with you in case of an emergency (no, not a shopping emergency…) This is something my mom has always encouraged me of, keep some cash on you at all times, you never know what life may throw at you.
Hand cream: this might be my biggest essential, especially in such dry weather.
Pain Reliever: I am very prone to headaches so I always try and carry a bottle of some kind of pain reliever with me so that I don’t end up in agony.
Nail Clippers & Tweezers: Hang nails or broken nails are my worst enemy, I can’t leave them alone so I really need to have nail clippers (and a file) with me all the time. Tweezers are usually a summer carry along item for me, I am always the one designated to pull out a splinter so they are a necessity.
Lipstick: if I didn’t have the option of re-touching or applying lipstick on a moments notice, I might not be able to get through a day. It makes me smile a littler brighter, so yes I cannot live without.
Tissues: another versatile item, be it a runny nose, a make-up blunder, or a tear catcher.
Chapstick: In the winter I use a medicated chapstick, and in summer one with a high SPF.
Hair Ties: I love wearing my hair down, but I get annoyed with it very quickly, and if it’s windy, forget about it. I have jumped on the fabric hair tie bandwagon and I have to say I love them. They are more gentle and don’t leave that mark in your hair.
Mints: I am not a gum chewer, in fact I sometimes recite the Willy Wonka quote “Chewing gum is very gross, chewing gum I hate the most”. I am a mints girl 100%.
Written by Samantha from Subtly Famous

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  1. This is such a good idea I seriously need to do this!

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      sry me weriod

  3. Good if I had my period
    LOL OMG JK I do!111


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