Spring Break Essentials

by - Friday, March 08, 2013

It's March - the month of Spring Break!  Being in the working world, we no longer get the perks of having a week off of work unless we take vacation days - so we are living vicariously through you all!  We love this post from Carolina over at Citrus & Style showing some Spring Break Essentials!  Have fun and be safe on your Spring Breaks this year!  Be sure to send us pictures of you wearing your Marley Lilly products at the beach!  Peace, Love & monograms! 

I am super excited because my Spring Break is in a few weeks. After debating for a long time, we decided to do our usual trip to Florida. I can't really complain because as long as there is sun, I'm in! 

During Spring Break I do a lot of lounging around the beach and pool, going out to dinner and a little adventuring here and there. That being said, here are my Spring Break Essentials: 

White Oxford
This is one of my favorite things to bring. It can double as a cover up or a cute top to pair with shorts. This is a must!

Comfy Chino Shorts
I absolutely love the J.Crew chino shorts. I prefer the 3'' ones and think they are the perfect pair of shorts. I have collected quite a few pairs over the years and they are good as new. 

Denim/ Chambray Shirt
This is another must have-- a clean denim shirt looks great all the time and is light enough for the humidity.

I have gone through so many cheap pairs of sunglasses throughout my life and I was close to splurging on Ray Bans but just couldn't. Sooo, I am sticking to cheaper ones. I asked for monogrammed ones for my birthday so fingers crossed!

Although I said the white oxford was a must have, a hat tops that! No one wants to have to stay inside after having a long day in the burning sun. A hat is the perfect solution that keeps you stylish but safe from the light. 

Bathing suit
No explanation necessary here. I have a really cute one I scored on sale last year from Landsend Canvas but J.Crew's are super cute as well. I just can't justify spending $70 on a bikini top though....

Plain tee
Whether you are making a quick trip to the nearest Walgreens for some extra sunscreen or throwing it on over a swimsuit, a plain tee (or a few of them!) is definitely necessary. J.Crew's are great and come in a plethora of colors but Target, Old Navy and Gap have some great less expensive ones.

Beach bag
Are your arms too full with your water bottle, phone, towel and sunscreen? Invest in a quality beach bag! I have the good old Landsend one and have no complaints. Oh how I wish I had gotten it monogrammed when I purchased it in 4th grade.... 

Flip Flops
Eager to show off your new "Bikini so Teeny" pedicure? Flip flops are another must. I have a pair of the Tory Burch ones that I got for my birthday last year (thank you mom for finding them on sale!!) and they hold up great. I asked for Jack Rogers for my birthday this year so maybe I'll have to add those onto the list if I get them...? 

What are your Spring Break essentials?


 Written by Caroline from Citrus & Style 

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  1. I adore all of your picks for Spring Break! I can't wait to flaunt all my Marley Lilly goodies in Florida!



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