Spring Trends

by - Monday, March 18, 2013

Every month my mom and I scurry on over to Costco to buy our stack of magazines for the month. (Ehem Costco sells almost all magazines for 30% off!) As always, I take home my all time favorite mag, People Style Watch. And after the long wait, I finally had the beautiful spring issue in my hands!!

One of the parts of People Style Watch I love is the trends. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite trends I discovered in it!

1. Silver

I am a long time lover of silver. A silver charm bracelet or bangle adds so much to an outfit, and I am so glad it is finally "in". (Silver vs. Gold. What's your fav?)

 2. Pastels
Although pastels don't look great on me (they tend to wash me out), I still love these Eastery colors. I'm really loving the blue bag!

 3. Pointed Toe
I think the pointed toe is a super elegant style and can dress up jeans and an oxford or be great with a cute cocktail dress!

What are your favorite Spring trends? 

 Written by Caroline from Citrus & Style 

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