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by - Monday, April 08, 2013

Today we're all biznass for the weekly Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. link up yo!

Now that we're in our new home, I've quickly found out that if there's one thing in this life I absolutely love it's hosting parties, dinners, showers, you name it. There's just something about running around like a mad woman cleaning, cooking and decorating that totally puts me in my happy place. Weird. I know.

With a potential housewarming party plus lots-o-babies and weddings on the way...I was so inspired when I found this pin for DIY tissue paper tassel garland (say that five times fast...):

 Aaaand here's the version I created!

Simple, inexpensive and totally makes a statement. Precious, right?!

Here are the easy peasy steps:

::make your own::

1. To begin, fold your tissue paper in half and then in half again, making a square. Start cutting strips towards the fold to create the fringe, leaving about 1 inch uncut from the fold line. (My strips were about 1/2 inch thick.) FYI - one piece of tissue paper makes one tassel.

2. After all your strips are cut, unfold your tissue paper (careful not to rip it!) and begin tightly rolling your tissue paper down the middle.

3. Continue rolling down the middle, untangling your fridge as needed.

4. Fold in half and then twist creating the loop for hanging.

5. Repeat to create more tassels in various colors. Hang from string (or ribbon) and fall in love with your new DIY mantle decor!

Baby colors, wedding colors, team name it! Ooooh the possibilites! Feel free to pin this tutorial and use it for your next party or shower. I mean, I wouldn't totally hate that! ;)

Written by Stephanie from BEAUtiful Mess

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