Accessories Report: Monogram Madness?

by - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SMU girls tend to agree with Reese on this; anything that isn’t emblazoned with Panhellenic letters tends to wear a girl’s other most important letters: her monogram! Monograms are a fun and classic way to make your look special, and whether you prefer a subtle touch of personalization or a bold advertisement of your initials, there are countless items that can be monogrammed. Get out your credit cards ladies (unless you have your number memorized… guilty!) because it’s time for some online shopping.
You can find tons of online monogramming stores, but MarleyLilly is by far my favorite. They have awesome customer service, great turnaround time, and really any product you could want monogrammed!

For the monogramming novice

Try an accessory that is low-commitment to get a feel for the look of your monogram.
A double wall tumbler is practical to take to class, and the small monogram adds the perfect touch of personalization without being too much. You could also try a small cosmetic bag for school or home, or a baseball hat for a pool day.

For every day

Once the obsession starts to set in, you will probably want monograms on most of your everyday items. Luckily, you can purchase almost any item monogrammed, and you can even find local embroidery shops to put monograms on items you already own, such as towels and tote bags. Here are some of my favorite everyday personalized items.
I felt like I was the last girl in Dallas without a monogrammed necklace until I got one for my birthday. You can also personalize rings, earrings, and bracelets.
This clutch doubles as a cross-body. Perfect for day or night!
Any of these monogrammed t-shirts can be worn with workout shorts or dressed up with a cute pair of jeans like Amy from Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins did. Love the white on white!
I also love my monogrammed scarf for fall!

For the monogram crazy

Some things don’t need to be monogrammed, but they still add a little fun to your day!
This decal works on iPads and eReaders
A cover for your pool lounge chair- separate from your towel, naturally.
And if you’re lucky enough to live in a state that doesn’t require front license plates, these add a feminine touch to your car!
Also, make sure to check out Marley Lilly’s sale page for discontinued and “only 1 left” items, and like them on Facebook for information on flash sales and giveaways!
It doesn’t matter if you’re in Texas, Colorado, or anywhere else- a little Southern tradition will add something special to your day!
Written by Haley Smith,  Sorority Stylista Contributor

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