Football in the South

by - Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So who knows what tomorrow is?!!?!?

Ok times up!!
I mean did you really need 10 seconds...if so, you aren't from the South...and you didn't read the title.

Now these words mean many different things to many different people...
Athletes - the start of what they have spent all Spring and Summer working for
Dads - the start of Saturday afternoons with their Sons in their favorite stadiums
Moms - the start of relaxing Saturday afternoons
College Students - More Weekends and Tailgates they don't remember
Southern Belles - It means a season of fashion and entertaining, because no one knows how to run a tailgate while looking like a million bucks, better than a Southern Belle!
So as a Southern Belle who loves Tailgating and my GameDay are a few secrets:
  1. Do invite all of your friends—tailgates are not the time to be exclusive. The more the merrier—especially on game day!
  2. Don’t block the road for other cars or pedestrians. Keep those clear for everyone else trying to tailgate and enjoy the game.
  3. Do have a great play list of songs. You want it to include some 90’s jams, a few slow dance songs, crowd pump-up songs, and a lot of songs people know all the words to (Visit SoLeagueMag for their game day playlist)!
  4. Don’t bother other tailgaters around you. Keeping your games of corn hole, football tossing, and chair set-ups within your allotted space will allow everyone to have a great time.
  5. Do plan food. The worst tailgates are the ones where the food has run out. Plan on feeding your crowd, plus any unexpected guests that they might have!
  6. Don’t intimidate other team fans. The occasional jest is OK, but stick to cheering FOR your team!
  7. Do remember that the goal is to make it to the game. Tailgates are a great pre-game tradition, especially in the South. But you also want to be able to cheer your team on once the game starts. Remember there would be no tailgate without a game!
  8. Don’t make your tailgate hard to find. If you’re inviting new tailgaters or people unfamiliar with the area, give them directions that are straightforward and easy to understand.
  9. Do get there early enough to park, get the grill going and catch up. Traffic is tough on game days!
Now that we have the tailgating out of the way...Here are a few Fashion secrets
When it comes to affairs of the feet, we all know how difficult GameDays can be. From the tailgate to the game to the band party to the after party, it’s a full day event.
While some sport game day T’s and athletic shorts, we’ve all seen the girls who dress up for the game. I was one of them. Yes, I wore black semi-formal dresses and four-inch heels to stand on bleachers for 3+ hours at Clemson games. Ah, the good old days. Post College...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!

As much as the practical part of me screams “comfort is key!” that’s quickly muffled by my obvious truth: GameDays are made for showcasing your true style. With all the cheesy fashion, tied-up jerseys, jorts and team colors gone awry, it’s imperative to standout in a good way. So its now time to find a happy medium!

The two best options on a GameDays are either a sandal or a wedge, either shoe can take you from day to night in style. Don't forget the Southern Staple...Cowboy boots!

As far as slightly changes between August and December. August through October you will always find me a in dress!

Mid to Late October I will bring out the pants...if the weather really calls for it! Granted since college I have changed my shoe choice some, but the dress is still always the go to!

Oh and another word advice to you guys out there...

Written by Brittany S.

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