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by - Wednesday, August 14, 2013

With so many adorable Marley Lilly items, it is hard to choose which is your favorite! We hope to make the decision easier by clarifying some of your questions about choosing the best font for your initials.

Due to different items being made on different machines please keep in mind that engraved items, vinyl items, and embroidery items may vary slightly. If this is not okay with you or you have any questions regarding matching fonts on different items, please contact us before placing your order and we would be happy to advise you on choosing the best font.

Male Style vs. Female Style

When choosing your font keep in mind the order in which your initials will appear. Female Style means that the last name initial will appear larger in the middle. For example if your name is Amanda Beth Carter your monogram will appear in the order ACB and the C will be larger in the middle.

If you chose Male Style the initials will appear in the order first name, middle name, last name. For example if your name is Andrew Blake Clark your initials will appear in the order ABC and all the same size. However, due to some font styles such as Circle Block and Diamond, the middle letter will always appear slightly larger in the middle. If you are wanting to select a "manly" monogram we might suggest Block or Times Block. If you have any questions about the style of your monogram don't hesitate to ask! You can contact a customer service rep at

Monogram Proof

 We are unable to show you exactly what your monogram will look like because so many of the items on our website are created in multiple locations with different types of software. Unless you own the software we own, you would be unable to open the monogram file to view it on your computer. We do offer an option at the bottom of most items that says "Can we change your font if something else looks better? Yes or No." We suggest choosing yes here. We rarely do change the font unless something about your letters just looks strange.

Font Styles

Below we have included an image of how each letter looks in each font. This should help you to envision how each letter in your monogram will look. If you have any questions about font style please contact us before placing your order.

      Circle Block





        Times Block

How do I enter my initials?

Here is the way we would like you to enter them regardless of monogram order on most items:


Whether you want the last name LARGER in the middle or not, we still need you to enter the initials in this order. 

Below, there is an option for you to choose the style (male or female). If you would like the last name initial to be larger in the center, please choose female style. If you would like all the letters to be the same size straight across, please choose male style.

For example, to enter a female monogram for Carrie Wynn Smith, you would want to enter this:
FIRST - MIDDLE/MADIEN - LAST: CWSIn this monogram, what initial above is for the LAST Name?: STo triple check the placement - What is their full LAST NAME: Smith
Choose Style: Female

When we make this, the order above would appear: cSw

Please note: If you enter confusing information or you enter these details incorrectly, we are not liable for the mistake and we will not send a free redo item.  

Did you enter your full name instead of just your initials, no worries - we will use the names you entered to figure out the initials and put them in the correct style that you chose!

If you have any questions or if this information is not clear, please just contact us prior to ordering: 

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