Fall Shoes

by - Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall is right around the corner, and something I need to get for this fall is new shoes. I never know what to wear in the fall for shoes, so I just end up wearing riding boots all the time. However, I'm planning on getting more shoes that I can wear in the fall for some diversity.

{one} riding boots
I'm obsessed with riding boots. They look great with a pair of leggings or a pair of jeans. I love wearing a cute sweater or shirt with them. I already have two pairs, brown and black, but I want a new pair. I don't think the brown ones will fit me this year (I had to squeeze into them last year because they were the last left in the store!), so that's an excuse to get a new pair. I'll just have to look around for a pair that I like!

{two} Hunter boots
Hunter boots are perfect for the fall because of the rain, wet ground, and possibly even snow! They're perfect for keeping your feet dry and adding a cute look to your outfit.

{three} moccasins
I'm dying to get a pair of moccasins this year. I got a pair for Christmas last year, but unfortunately, they were too big. I'm thinking of getting a pair of UGG moccasins because they're super comfortable. Moccasins are great for wearing with a pair of leggings.

{four} Sperry's/boat shoes
Believe it or not, I actually love wearing my Sperry's in the fall (or actually all year round for that matter... #CatholicSchoolGirlProblems). They look adorable with a pair of capris. I just suggest not wearing them if it's snowing (unless you wear a uniform like me!) because you could end up getting snow in them.

So, I already have riding boots, Hunter boots, and Sperry's. I'm just on the hunt to get a new pair of brown riding boots and moccasins!

What do you wear in the fall for shoes?

Written by Ashley from Private School Prepster

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