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by - Saturday, September 07, 2013

One of my favorite parts of Fall is football season. I was a cheerleader from seventh grade to twelfth grade, so Thursday & Friday nights meant performing, which I absolutely loved. Once I got to college, it was a foreign concept to me to just sit in the stands and watch the game, but I love it all the same! At least once per game, I’ll have a chant pop into my head from my cheer days- for example, when the Aggies are having a hard time holding the offense, I’ll automatically think, “Sack that quarterback, defense ATTACK.” But don’t worry, I keep these things to myself.
Ever since Texas A&M entered the SEC, our gameday attire has drastically shifted from ultra-casual to ultra-chic, which I love! I had planned on sharing my gameday outfit from this past week, but it was 106 degrees at the game, so in the few photos I have, I’m sweating death and it’s not cute. Maybe next week!
However, such extreme conditions did get me thinking about what every girl should have handy on gameday. Over the past two football seasons, I’ve perfected the gameday bag and its necessary contents. Here you go!
1) Water- I’m not trying to be your mom or anything, but this is very important. Especially in Texas, the first few games are extremely hot, and you will want plenty of H2O, to stay hydrated! I would suggest taking two, and freezing one beforehand. No, it’s not the cutest accessory, but passing out isn’t the best way to spend half time, now is it?
2)Sunscreen-again, not trying to be your mom, but this is also very important. Only for day games, obviously. But really, I can’t tell you how many awkward sunburns I’ve seen after game weekends- I once got one on only one half of my face. Prevent this (and melanoma) with a liberal application of sunscreen on (at least) your face.
3)Crossbody bag- you want something that holds everything, but not something too heavy. You also want the option of being able to hold it throughout the game if you need to, if, for example, someone spills a drink in the stands, or it starts raining (heaven forbid) and you don’t want to place it on the ground. Of course there are many options, but my absolute favorite is the monogrammed crossbody from Marley Lilly.
ML Crossbody
There are so many color options that coordinate with many different gameday color schemes. Unfortunately, there’s no maroon, but I love the brown, black, and cream options! I don’t have one yet, but it’s definitely on my “to-buy” list!
4) Sunglasses- Pick a pair that looks good on your face shape and matches your outfit- black and brown are always wonderful options, and aviators go with literally everything. Throw them on when the sun is in your eyes (obvi.), or when you’re trying to hide the fact that it’s too hot and you were ready to leave last quarter.
5) Lipstick and lip balm- For some reason, one of the only places I wear bold lipstick is to football games. I guess that’s just the Southern belle in me! If you wear lipstick, tuck the tube inside your bag for touchups, in addition to a tube of lip balm. Something about being outside makes me feel like I need it, so I like to have it on hand!
6) Monogrammed Koozie- or not monogrammed, your choice. This is great for tailgating and all that WATER you’ll be drinking. I loathe carrying water bottles that are dripping with condensation, so this is a great solution for that problem! You can also always tell which drink is yours. My roommate got me this little cutie for my 21st, and I forgot it last week, but I’m looking forward to using it this week! 

If you’re looking to add this to your gameday stash, check out Marley Lilly!
7)Game tickets- don’t leave these at home- that’s always a tragedy.
8)Raincoat- if you think it might rain, bring one! Most stadiums don’t allow umbrellas inside, so you don’t want to be a soaking wet kitten in your cutie gameday outfit! ALWAYS check the forecast before you go!
Hopefully this will help you get prepared for gameday this weekend! Writing this has gotten me all excited for Saturday in Kyle Field!
What are your gameday essentials?
Written by Kristen from Sweet Cats!

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  1. I cheered my entire life too and agree going to college and having to sit in the stands was a big adjustment. Like you, I would also populate cheers in my head. So good to hear I'm not alone in this.

    Love your list of essentials!


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