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by - Wednesday, October 16, 2013

 After School Boy Blazer :: Swing Velvet :: Recessionista :: Penny Talk

In the summer I relied on my tried & true Mod Square from Essie with occasionally tossing in pleasantly purple Play Date into the mix. Now that autumn is here, I’m adding the rich tones of my wardrobe to my manicure.

Normally I shy away from dark nail colors but After School Boy Blazer more than piqued my interest. Love my J.Crew boy blazer in my closet, I can definitely love boy blazer on my nails.

Swing Velvet & Recessionista are perfect complements to my overall maroon, beige, caramel and cream fall color palette. I hate to play favorites but Recessionista, it’s you.

The metallic Penny Talk can brighten up a monotone ensemble of neutrals instantly. I can’t wait to pair this hue with a black work dress and a fun pair of heels.

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Written by Laruen Anne from DC Girl in Pearls

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  1. I checked out these new colors just the other day and blogged about Essie! I also love all their new nautical themed polishes. I LOVE penny talk in this set! I wish so badly Essie was a little more affordable. Great review, thanks for sharing.


  2. PennyTalk is my favorite! I have it on my toes right now!
    xo Elisabeth
    Headbands & Bagels

  3. Essie is by far my favorite! I always get excited for their new colors to come out. Last night I used "No Place Like Chrome"...in love!



  4. Love After School Boy Blazer and Recessionista!