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by - Thursday, November 21, 2013

cant live without...

Everyone has their list of "can't live withouts." They're those items that you feel "lost" or "naked" without. My list varies from time to time, but my daily items are pretty much the same.  Here are the items I can't live without right now!
I think the iPhone is on everyone's "can't live without list!" My iPhone wakes me up, it allows me to catch up on social media and emails in the morning, and reminds me of appointments throughout the day. I have been known to turn around on my way to work when I've realized I forgot it! It pretty much holds my life in it. 
Mascara is something I don't leave the house without whatsoever. If nothing else, I will always, always, always brush some mascara on my lashes! It helps me feel (and look) more awake! My current favorite is Lights, Camera, Lashes! by Tarte.
Each morning I start my day off with caffeine. I drink coffee whether it's from my Keurig (loving the cinnamon roll and pumpkin spice k-cups) or going to the Starbucks drive through. Typically around mid-day I am getting that 2 o'clock feeling and I sip on a Diet Coke to get me through the rest of the day!
I love lotion. I keep some in every bathroom, the kitchen, in my purse, and one on my desk at work. I love having soft skin and hands (nothing is worse than shaking hands with someone who has "sand paper hands!") I love the smell of this Bath & Body Works lotion (it smells so fresh!)
Candles are so soothing and calming. Capri Blue Volcano candle has been my candle of choice for quite some time. It has such a clean smell, you can't help but love it! Anytime I am stressed or just need to relax a bit I light this candle. Capri blue also offers a ton of other great smelling candles. hint: they all make your house smell like Anthropologie! 
I have a confession: I love chapstick. You could even go as far as saying I am a chapstick hoarder! I feel like I am constantly putting on chapstick. At any given time there is one within arms reach. I even sleep with one under my pillow (not even kidding!) This chapstick from Nivea is my go-to!
From a young age I was always going around snapping pictures. Every few years I would get an updated camera. For my graduation from college I received the Canon Rebel t3i and I don't think I have put it down ever since. This camera is perfect for my needs (and much, much more!)
Between working a full time job and blogging I like to keep my planner organized, colorfully of course! I use Steadtler pens to write my appointments, ideas, and notes with! They are a fine tip pen and write so well! 
Dry Shampoo is a gift from the hair God's. I can't tell you how many mornings I've been running late or had a bad hair day and immediately grabbed dry shampoo for a quick and easy fix. I love Suave's dry shampoo. It is cheap (under $3!) and it works really well!
Brian and I try to run a few times a week now, so having a good pair of running shoes is necessary. I have always loved Asics so my most recent pair were the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8 running shoes. They have the perfect amount of cushion and support for my feet! The fact that they are pretty doesn't hurt either!

What are your "can't live without" items?

Written by Emily from Life with Emily

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