Hoilday Shopping

by - Friday, November 29, 2013

Two words that have always scared me and I have dreaded...Holiday Shopping...if its something you enjoy, lets talk because that should be where your career path is headed!

I have dreaded Holiday Shopping since I was old enough to drive and buy presents myself. The line, the traffic, the "deals", the options, the returns, new store hours, more lines, and more traffic...all of it scream one at me...CHAOS!!!

And don't get me wrong, I know sometimes you can find a GREAT deal...but to those of you that got up at 3 AM this morning or never went to bed...was the one deal REALLY worth it!? To me, my sleep is MUCH more available!

So when some genius came up with "Cyber Monday" it was my saving grave with Holiday Shopping...then stores started picking it up for "Black Friday" too?!?! Oh the joys of now being able to do Holiday Shopping online!!!

So for those that are new to this concept, over slept this morning and pouting you missed "great deals", or just don't said "oh, I can get deals on holiday shopping?" her are some types for you:

1) If you want it, buy it, just like in the stores they disappear fast
2) If you think oh I can get a better deal on this in a couple weeks, don't. In a couple weeks you will be thinking why did I not just order it then?!?
3) If you want to research prices, do it before hand or start early.
4) Cover all your bases. Sign up for emails from your favorite sites, follow your favorite stores on social media, and you have 2 days until the big Cyber Monday sales hit so do a little research
5) Don't forget shipping costs! Some sites will offer free shipping over certain amounts, some have set shipping rates, and some vary based on items. Make sure you are aware of what you are dealing with, especially if you are on a budget.
6) Beware of scams. Only give up your credit card information to trusted, established sites, and don't fall prey to any fishy emails that offer too-good-to-be-true deals.
7) Don't use the same password you always use if you are making accounts.
8) Those free gifts sites are giving out? Use it to your advantage...give them as gifts to help you save money.
9) Create a list! Who you need to buy for, ideas for them, and ideas for you!
10) If you want to buy me presents, just let me know! Ill send you my address!

Written by Brittany S

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