10 Fun Date Ideas

by - Monday, December 16, 2013

10 Fun Date Ideas1.  During the Holidays, parks are usually decorated with pretty lights and more, go ahead and take a stroll through and maybe even hit-up the ice skating area after for a little more fun. Don’t forget your hat and gloves though!
2. Make it a double (no, I’m not talking about your coffee) Plan a fun double date with another couple, maybe dinner and a sports game or concert to keep it fun.
3. Head to the city for the day (or out of it if you live there, or try a new one!) Make a day of it and go explore a city you haven’t been to in a while. Walk around, go shopping, have lunch and simply take it all in.
4. Stay in and have a movie marathon. Love a certain series (maybe Harry Potter?) cook dinner or get take out and see how many movies you can get through. If you’re really big fanatics you can quiz each other to see how much they remember about the movie (anyone remember Hagrid’s first name?) Caution though, if you’re competitive, this can get dangerous…
5.  Take a cooking class together, or if you’re not into cooking try a pottery or some other fun activity you will both enjoy.
6. Do a lunch date instead. Take advantage of the fact that lots of delicious restaurants have great lunch deals and specials- have a yummy meal and save some money.
7. Turn off all of your electronics and have a board game night. Have fun throwing it back to when you were a kid and a cell phone was just some clunky phone your parents sometimes had with them.
8. Go to the zoo. I absolutely love going to zoos- I always have and probably always will. They aren’t just for kids, trust me, every age loves adorable animals.
9. Make a day of doing what the other one loves to do. He likes golf? You like going to plays? Hit up golf in the morning and go to a play in the evening- it’s the best of both worlds.
10. Recreate your first date together and try to get it as close as you can.
p.s. you don’t have to necessarily do these with your fellow, grab your favorite gal pal and have some fun with her instead!
What was your best (or better yet, worst) first date?
Written by Samantha from Bonjour Blue

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