10 Songs To Help You Get Through Any Breakup

by - Monday, December 02, 2013

There is no way around it. Breakups suck. Luckily, there is a breakup song for every situation. It doesn’t matter who dumped who or how your relationship ended. These songs will have you singing along and feeling better in no time!

"Heartbreaker" by Justin Bieber
The Backstory: You have a ton of history with your ex. Neither of you can seem to move on completely, even though you two can’t make it work. The on-again-off-again relationship between you two is a big source of stress. But no matter how much it hurts, you just can’t let go.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “I still believe in love. I still believe in us. I hope you believe in us, the way I believe in us.”

“Loved You First” by One Direction
The Backstory: In this situation, YOU were the one who wasn’t upfront about your feelings. Maybe you were too scared to admit how much you cared, or perhaps you didn’t realize your true feelings until it was already too late. Either way, it’s pretty rough to see someone you really like when they are happily in a relationship.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “Because, I’ve been waiting all this time to finally say it. But now I see your heart’s been taken. And nothing could be worse.”

“Love Will Remember” by Selena Gomez
The Backstory: You thought you had a perfect relationship, but then things started to tear you two apart. You aren’t sure exactly what happened or how you ended up here. Suddenly, you were just fighting all of the time, and it just wasn’t working out. But now that you’re apart, all you can think about is all of the good times you two had. You might need a break now, but deep down, you still believe that you two were meant to be.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “I know it inside my heart. Forever will forever be ours. Even if we try to forget, love will remember.”

“Roar” by Katy Perry
The Backstory: You’ve been dumped. You heart feels like it’s been trampled on. But don’t let that jerk keep you feeling down! Channel your inner girl-power, and take on the world like the independent woman you are!
Lyrics With A Lesson: “Now I’m floating like a butterfly. Stinging like a bee, I earned my stripes. I went from zero, to my own hero.”

“Should’ve Said No” by Taylor Swift
The Backstory: There is, quite literally, a Taylor Swift song for every breakup. This is her ultimate song for anyone who has been cheated on. It covers everything you want to say, but can’t or don’t (or just want to say again).
Lyrics With A Lesson: “You should’ve said no. You should’ve gone home. You should’ve thought twice before you let it all go. You should’ve known that word, with what you did with her, would get back to me.”

“Something We’re Not” by Demi Lovato
The Backstory: You thought you could handle being friends with benefits. But then, it turned into a “I want to be more than friends” situation. Every girl has that one guy friend who wants to be something more. The problem is that hooking up makes things messy. Eventually, one of you is ready to take it to the next level, but the other isn’t. Then, it ends up feeling just like a breakup.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “You wanna be more than just friends. I can’t go through this again. Stop trying get inside my head.”

“U.N.I.” by Ed Sheeran
The Backstory: Breaking up with someone is much harder than most people think. Even though the break was your decision, you probably still miss being together. The relationship just wasn’t working out, and you needed to make a change.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “So am I close to you anymore, now it’s over? And there’s no chance that we’ll work it out.”

“What About Love” by Austin Mahone
The Backstory: Sometimes you’re in a relationship that you think is really going somewhere. And then you get dumped via text. All you can think about is what you did wrong and when. You may never get that answer. Belt out this tune with your friends, and start trying to move on.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “What about love? What about our promises? What about love? You take it all and leave me nothing. What about love?”

“Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus
The Backstory: You started out with an amazing relationship, but it has come to a bitter end. Often, both parties blame one another for this outcome. It’s hard to know how to express your feelings of hurt and anger. But you do know that you never wanted things to end up in such a mess.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “Don’t you ever say I just walked away. I will always want you. I can’t live a lie, running for my life. I will always want you.”

“You Will Never Know” by Ariana Grande
The Backstory: You two hung out for months. But the whole time, he was too worried about playing it cool. So he never said how he felt, and he never called you his girlfriend. Deep down, you know that you deserved better the whole time. Even your friends were telling you that all along. But it can be really hard to move on and just give up hope.
Lyrics With A Lesson: “You will never know what we could have been...But if you woulda manned up, put your hand up, stand up, tell me how you really felt, then maybe it’d be different.”

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