DIY: Stop Paying for Tissue Paper Flowers

by - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last week I purchased a wedding gift for a family member. I was looking in the gift-wrapping aisle for some pretty paper & ribbon when I saw this…

A $2.99 tissue paper flower. $2.99!! 

My first thought was there’s no way people really pay for those, but then I realized THEY DO!
Friends…I am here to tell you to STOP buying $3 tissue paper flowers when you can make them for a quarter of the price!

My mom taught me to make these great little accessories when I was a kid. We used them to decorate her classroom or at showers at church. It wasn’t until last year (when I was ribbon less) I realized how cute they’d look on top of a gift!

What you’ll need:
Tissue Paper (any color or combination of colors)
Bread Tie, Fishing Line, or Pipe Cleaner 
Tape to decorate a package or fishing line to hang somewhere

Stack 7-10 sheets of tissue paper. These will be your petals so you may add more if desired.

Cut your paper. Generally tissue paper comes in pretty large sheets. Depending on the size of the paper flower you desire you can cut a square accordingly. My rule of thumb is a fourth of a sheet for package decorations & half a sheet + for paper flowers to hang. I have also seen smaller flowers made as table setting décor.

Begin folding paper in an accordion-like fashion. Make each fold 1-2 inches, alternating directions. When you have folded the entire paper, it should look like a fan.

Secure the center with a bread tie, fishing line, or pipe cleaner.

Cut each end of the folded paper into a rounded or pointy shape. This gives each petal dimension & detail.
A rounded shape will look similar to mine below. A pointy cut will look more like a Dahlia.

You'll see that my cut wasn't exactly perfect, but that's ok! You're just adding dimension to the petals.

Separate each layer. Begin pulling apart each sheet of tissue paper.

Fluff the layers to make your tissue paper flower perfect!

The last step is to add your tissue paper flower to your package by taping each side of your bread tie or secure additional fishing line to hang your flower!

These flowers also make great event décor as well. Use fishing line or ribbon to hang from the ceiling or simply display them in various places to add detail. I am not gonna lie, I’ve used pink Victoria Secret tissue paper for gift flowers before.
Repurposing is a beautiful thing, Y'all!!

I hope this tutorial was helpful & you can finally stop buying those overprized gift bows! Let me know if you have any tips of your own or questions on the tutorial. So glad you stopped by!

Written by Jenni from Frankly, My Dear...

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