DIY: Monogrammed Pumpkins

by - Sunday, October 12, 2014

Love carving pumpkins? Hate the mess? 
This DIY is perfect for you! 
Skip the traditional carving route and opt for painting your very own monogrammed pumpkin!  

Step One - Gather Your Supplies!
First things first, you need a pumpkin! Head to your local grocery store or pumpkin patch (can you say photo op?) to pick out the perfect little pumpkin! You'll also need Acrylic Paint, Elmer's Glue, Glitter (optional), Paint Brushes, a photo of your monogram and your creative cap! 

Step Two - Pencil On Your Monogram
Using a photograph or an item with your favorite monogram, draw your monogram on your pumpkin using a pencil or pen! We used the Marley Lilly Monogram Wallpaper App for ours!

**Keep in mind this does NOT have to perfect! 
You can always cover up your mistakes in the next step!**

Step Three - Trace your Monogram with Glue
Carefully trace the outline of your monogram with Elmer's Glue! If you made a mistake with pen or pencil, you can cover it up here! We found using this type of glue was easier because it takes a little longer to dry! You will have plenty time to trace the whole monogram before applying the glitter!

Step Four - Glitter Party
Dump glitter all over your monogram! The more the merrier! I might suggest doing this outside because glitter gets everywhere. (EVERYWHERE!) Plus, it's pretty hard to clean up! If you do decide to this this inside, we would suggest using lots of newspaper to cover the area before you start dumping the glitter on!

Step Five - Clean It Up
There will be some places with extra glitter! You can clean these off using a clean, dry paint brush! Just brush them off or sweep them to the side into another part of the monogram!

Step Six - Go To Town Painting
Now it's time to get really creative, paint the rest of your pumpkin with stripes, polka dots - the possibilities are endless! 

Step Seven - Instagram It!
If you didn't post the finish product on Instgram, did it really even happen? We want to see YOUR pumpkins! 

Need some additional inspiration? 
Here are our pumpkins from last year!

While we still love carving pumpkins, we realized that painting was faster, cleaner, safer and more kid friendly (ie. there were no sharp objects involved and no sticky, pumpkin seed messes to clean up!) We did use trash bags to protect the table from paint, and even though we did all of our glittering outside, we are still finding glitter EVERYWHERE!  

After you're done searching the Internet for every possible DIY pumpkin inspiration (I dare you to type in the word "pumpkin" in your Pinterest search bar....mind boggling), head to your local Starbucks and reward yourself with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

How are you planning on using pumpkins this fall? 

Peace, Love & Monograms
ML Staff

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