All-Black Leaves

by - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

 Sweater: Ted Baker     Shoes: New Chic      Skirt: MaxStudio (similar)     Bag: Kate Spade    Sunglasses:Karen Walker    Hair: Irresistible Me ℅   Lipstick: Urban Decay

This party look, honestly, would normally be a little outside my comfort zone.  But it's fun to push the envelope sometimes!  This leaf skirt was something that I saw in my friend's closet, and while it was not necessarily my style, something about it drew me in, and I had to borrow it!  

I treated it like I would a feather or fringe skirt, and decided to go sleek and all-black.  Head to toe black is one of my favorite go-to looks to look evening ready, and I think there's just something so mysterious and chic about it!  

This sweater is my favorite top in my closet right now, and these heels tied in with the bow on the bag! They're an ideal height for walking and a vegan velvet-suede material. (and you can use my codeblog20off for your own pair or anything from  You know how people do test-walks in shoes before purchasing them?  I always like to do a test-dance in heels before I buy them to make sure that they are ideal for a party or night out!  It's slightly embarrassing to do in a store, but gets the job done.  I've found that my ideal height is 3-4 inches.

Thank goodness tomorrow's Friday... hope you are all having a great week so far!

Written by Julia from Little Miss Haute Couture

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