Fashion Friday: Summer Work Dresses

6:28 AM

Oh hey, I’m alive (kinda)! Out of nowhere last week, I felt a sore throat come on and by the next morning I had a full-blown cold. Coughing, sneezing, aches, the works. I looked SUPER pretty, you guys. I quarantined myself all weekend and lived on chicken noodle soup and matzoh ball soup. UberEATS was a serious lifesaver this weekend because I had zero energy/strength to walk to my kitchen, let alone put a meal together. Normally, I’m not a big order-in person because if I’m going to spend money on food, I’d much rather be in a restaurant. But just the idea of getting out of my pjs was exhausting and I wasn’t about to show my sneezing, coughing self in public. UberEATS to the rescue!!
Besides eat as much soup as humanly possible, I also slept more than I think I’ve ever slept in my entire life. Seriously. I never take naps and I’m a night owl but man, I really must’ve needed sleep because I’m fairly certain that was my only activity this weekend. I felt like I was in a fog from Wednesday until mid-Sunday afternoon. So sadly, I didn’t get a chance to shoot outfit posts this weekend but next weekend, it’s happening. And I’m really pumped about it!
So, am I the only person who routinely looks at 10 day weather forecasts? I just like to know what’s ahead so I can mentally prepare and plan my work outfits. Am I standing alone on this? I hope not. And I just admitted it so that’s potentially embarrassing. Well, anyway, I’m happy to report that it seems like winter is FINALLY over and I can fully swap out my closet. My favorite clothing item in my arsenal to beat the DC heat? Flowy, loose-fitting summer work dresses.
They’re incredibly flattering, won’t show signs of heat exhaustion aka sweat (because I sweat) and dresses are so much more comfortable to commute in, especially on a packed Metro train. Toss on a blazer or sweater over the dress when you’re heading into your office building and you’re all set! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite summer work dresses that I have my eye, especially the LOFT floral print shift 👌Bring it on, Summer 2016!
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Written by Lauren Anne from DC Girl In Pearls

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