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As I mentioned in a couple of my other posts I am currently in the process of redesigning my bedroom at home. As sad as it is that this is likely my last summer at home having an updated space that I look forward to coming home to and feel comfortable in on holidays and vacations makes that reality a bit less scary. The last time my room was re-done was in seventh or eighth grade and as you can imagine I've grown up a bit since then. I am not entirely sure that the last update was ever fully finished so I was more than relieved when my mom agreed that a re-do was in order. 

After decorating my apartment bedroom I have come to realize that for me laying out different design elements together works best. While pinterest is great I am better able to get an idea for how different pieces will go together when putting it all together. With a similar color scheme as my bedroom in my apartment this go round seems a bit easier to do although I'm not working with an entirely blank slate as I did with my apartment bedroom. All of my furniture is brown and antique so that will definitely be staying and I'll be working from there. I plan to have navy curtains and a navy bedskirt since I already have that from previous rooms so the pieces I've picked out will hopefully go with those items. To see my apartment bedroom inspiration and the finished product you can see those by clicking the links. 

Here is a look at what I am thinking for my bedroom here and I would love to hear any suggestions y'all may have for the design. 

bedding // pillows // rug // fabric (not sure where to purchase) // mirror // ghost chair //shelves (hoping to have these in silver) // print // pouf 

I can't wait to share this process with y'all! 
Written by Dorothy from Prep In Your Step

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