Fashion Friday: Plaid on Plaid

by - Friday, November 18, 2016

The calendar says October but the weekend weather was giving off some pretty serious summer vibes. 80 degrees in late October? I’ll take it! Though shooting fall outfit photos in 80 degrees did make me feel a bit silly. You look at these photos and (hopefully) think “Hey, that’s a cute fall outfit!” when in reality, I was getting a bit glisten-y under the layers. Ah, the magic of blogging…
These Winnie pants may be my favorite pants of all time. I reach for them more often than jeans and I love how comfy yet figure-flattering they are (Read: I ate a lot of tater tots this weekend), they are perfect with a blouse for work or a tee on the weekend. I first discovered the magic of Winnie pants back in college when leggings started becoming a thing again. I wasn’t big on leggings because I was terrified of the mishaps that could ensue in leggings…See-through moments, exposed underwear, the list goes on. Enter the black Winnie pant. I loved that they had the appearance of leggings but much thicker, alleviating my nightmare of the world seeing my underwear as I walk around obliviously. This navy blue pair may even be better than the black pair. It’s too close to call.
Paired with a long-sleeve striped tee and a blanket scarf-turned-shawl is the best combo for those sunny fall days where there’s just a hint of a chill in the air. And who doesn’t love a good pattern-mixing? C’mon, ‘fess up! I decided I couldn’t just stop at one plaid. Nope, we needed ALL OF THE PLAID. This Marley Lilly monogrammed plaid clutch is actually listed as a cosmetic bag but when I saw it, I knew it was meant to be mine and meant to be a clutch. Dare to dream.
Photos by Rosa 
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Written by Lauren Anne from DC Girl in Pearls

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