Fashion Friday: Christmas in Apex

by - Friday, December 23, 2016

It feels so good to be back at home for Christmas. For some reason, the constant chaos that's inevitable in my house is in some ways comforting. I always miss having time to do things I love when I'm at school and I love coming home for breaks like Christmas and Summer because I feel like I can finally spend time on those things (since ya know, no homework and all). 

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a chef, in any way shape or form. I burnt easy mac when I was younger if that tells you anything about my cooking skills. I live in an apartment this year and despite having a full-size kitchen, I still go to the dining hall for just about every meal. With the exception of my breakfast, I make an eggo waffle every morning without fail and usually eat it on my way to class. #Healthy

Despite my not so pretty past with cooking, I have always loved baking with my mom (still need her expertise). I like the exact measurements and all the details. Plus I love the sweet scent that baking fills the house with. As graduation approaches and the real world on the horizon, I really want to become a better baker. I'm hoping that will be easier when I don't have all the extracurriculars and a heavy class load. 

 Anyways......I'm done babbling now. Long story short, it's been great being home and see the town all decorated for the holidays. My mom and I went downtown Apex a bit to explore and admire all the Christmas decorations. I love Apex and all it's cute small time charm. It's even cuter at night when Main street is all lit up! 

Skirt // Sweater (on sale!!) // Scarf // Watch // Bow (similar) // Boots (on sale!!)




Written by Shannon from Prep Avenue

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