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Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by the number of birthdays in the spring?! Maybe it's just because the majority of my friend group birthday's are in the spring semester, but suddenly it feels like we're celebrating a different birthday every single weekend! I'll use any excuse to celebrate though!

I think one of my dreams in life is to have a closet dedicated to gift wrap, bows, tissue paper, ribbon, a stash of pretty cards, and great gifts to always have on hand. I love giving gifts and I really try to find a meaningful and unique gift for my friends when their birthdays roll around. I am a true believer in big birthday celebrations and love any reason to celebrate my favorite people. 

It can be a challenge in college though when everyone always has a million things going on. This weekend we celebrated one of my roommate's 22nd birthday and we started off the morning by waking up early and going all out decorating our living room. I always keep a box of gift wrap, streamers, ribbons, and a birthday banner in my room for special days! We also ordered these fun balloons to take pictures with. 

Fun tip:: If you are having a lot of people over to celebrate another really easy way to make it special is to design and submit a snapchat filter. You can design your own on photoshop or illustrator or you can easily use one of snap chat's premade ones on their website and customize it with their name! No special skills needed at all! I made one for my other roommate's 21st birthday back in the fall and it was a huge hit. Since I wasn't home for my younger brother's 16th birthday this year I surprised him and made one for his school the day of his birthday! It was such a fun surprise and a fun way to make sure everyone knew it was his birthday. The best part, they're really cheap. You can buy it for just a few hours and usually range from $5-$25. Promise you'll be the coolest friend/ sibling ever.

After 3 1/2 years of college, I feel like we have done some really fun things for friend's birthdays. When you're living on a hall it can be even easier because you can get everyone to participate. I wrote a really great post a few years about how to make dorm birthdays special with a lot of great tips!

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be a challenge. I tried to include some out of the box ideas that could make your present unique. Greetabls are these fun new photo boxes I sent to my best friend and mom for Valentine's Day. They are paper boxes that you can fill with chocolates, confetti, candy, etc. and can customize with pictures and the pattern! They're pretty reasonable and a great alternative to a regular card. The photos also rip off so you can hang them up!

This Creative Lettering Journal would be perfect for a friend who loves pretty typography (aka me) or wants to learn calligraphy. It was designed by 2 ladies who have the prettiest hand writing. It walks you through all the letters of the alphabet and gives you tons of tips!

When in doubt, go with a fun experience! You can find tons on Groupon but things like breakout rooms, zipline excursions, scavenger hunts, segway tours are memorable gifts that you can do as a group to celebrate and can turn into a fun memory. I personally prefer a fun experience over a gift any day. One of my favorite birthdays was when my friends woke me up at 5am to watch the sunrise in one of my favorite places and video taped the whole thing! Best birthday ever. 

I hope this gave you some good ideas. I love gift giving and I'm still living for the day I can have a closet full of great gifts to give!




Written by Shannon from Prep Avenue

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