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As college approaches, I am reminded of all of the items I need to get. Yes, I have been absolutely horrible with my packing schedule. And this is something I need to start doing, considering I leave for college in three weeks. And if you’re like me, you’re probably stressed as well on how you’re going to get that big list done. That’s why, friend, I compiled a list of beauty products that you absolutely should bring for the fall.
Top 5 Products To Pack For College at Dear Ash
So without further ado, here are five beauty products you should bring with you for this next year of college.


Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes - Top 5 Products To Pack For College at Dear Ash
These wipes are absolutely heavenly. I have used them consistently for years, and I don’t think I’ll ever convert to a different set of makeup remover wipes. In college, sometimes you will be too tired to go through your nightly skincare routine. In those times, I resort to these wipes, that take off every ounce of makeup (eyes included) and also leave my face feeling clean and nourished.


Harry's Shave Set - Top 5 Products To Pack For College at Dear Ash
I know you may be used to your Venus razor, but unfortunately these razors don’t last forever. Gunk can get in the way and ruin the blade, and before you know it you have to buy several more razors than you can afford. In this case, I recommend buying one of Harry’s shave sets. This set is totally worth the price, because these razors actually last.  In addition, I am offering y’all a shave club free trial option, where you can get a Truman razor handle and blade, travel foaming shave gel, and travel blade cover for free, but you just have to cover $3 for shipping. It’s a $13 trial set so this is a great value!


Hand Lotion - Top 5 Products To Pack For College at Dear Ash
In college, you will have times where you feel gross. When you go to bed, a great way to feel better about your health and your life in particular is to throw on some comforting hand lotion. This Gardener’s Hand Therapy is probably my all time favorite hand lotion. And even if your life is crumbling apart, at least you smell good.


Nail Polish - Top 5 Products To Pack For College at Dear Ash
When you need a break in college (which I am sure will be quite often in the upcoming year), that break is always well spent painting nails with your favorite tunes playing in the background.


L'Oreal Mascara - Top 5 Products To Pack For College at Dear Ash
I found that during my first year of college, I didn’t wear as much makeup as I thought I would. You won’t really wear eye shadow or go all out everyday, but something you can rely on for a quick pick-me-up is this L’Oreal Mascara. I have used this for years and it has never failed me. Also, it is very affordable, which makes it all the more worthwhile.
Really y’all, we should not stress ourselves out for the upcoming weeks of getting ready for another year of collegiate-responsibilities. This should be fun!
However, since it automatically is stressful having to return to real life and real responsibilities, I want you to know I am here for you in this time. Stay strong, sister. Before you know it, you’ll be nestled and ready to conquer the collegiate world, just like you’re used to.
All in all, remember you’re not alone. Everybody is stressed together in this messy time of checklists, books, and cute throw pillows. Let’s keep our mind on what’s to come, and everything will work itself out.
New seasons are beginning, and oh what exciting news is that!
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