FASHION FRIDAY: What To Wear: In The Mountains

by - Friday, November 17, 2017

If you’re like me, I like to picture and put together the outfits that I am planning ahead of time for any trips that I am taking. While this usually starts with the best intentions, I end up packing two hours before and only end up wearing half of what I packed. Oh well. I’m working on it.
In hopes of combating my personal level of procrastination and simultaneously inspiring my blog readers, I am starting a fun new series called What to Wear. I will be featuring fun shoppable outfits that you can use as inspiration for certain events and trips that you are participating in.
For my first installment in this fashion series, I am covering what one might wear on a fun winter trip! I am using the photos below as a jumping off point, but the actual products shown in the photos (for the most part) are ridiculously expensive. For example the exact coat the model is wearing below is $1,500…
Yeah… no.
Instead, I have curated equally stylish alternatives that DON’T cost more than your rent. If you are however interested in purchasing the exact products, I will link the retailer below the photo for you to shop as well.
outfit 1
outfit 2
I’m not going to lie, this woman looks like a complete badass. I feel like if I went skiing I wouldn’t look that glamorous. Maybe it’s her haircut… But regardless, I love the black on black look with a statement belt to give it an extra pop of interest. You can adapt this outfit to wear on the mountain or off the mountain depending on your choice of pants and boots!
snow outfit inspiration-6
snow outfit inspiration-8
I love how pretty the pastel puffer coat looks against the white snow! I most certainly am a sucker for neutrals, but I definitely love bringing some color into my outfit lineup as well. Once you have your neutral colored coat staples, consider picking up an inexpensive coloredcoat to mix up your usual routine!
This sporty Lululemon look is perfect for active days spent in the winter cold. I love the headband head wrap paired with the sporty zip up jacket and quilted vest. Note that the quilted vest pictured in the “Shop the Post” widget above is navy, but I would pair it with the black option that J Crew has available when you click the link. I love the black on black look in case you couldn’t tell by now!
outfit 3
outfit 4

This casual ensemble is not only stylish, but seems to say “Hey. I’m effortlessly fashionable but I also like to wear blankets as clothing.” That’s a win win in my book. I have linked two of my favorite sweaters as well as several alternatives to the over the knee boots that she is wearing. A good pair of suede over the knee boots is worth the initial investment. You will be able to pair those with almost anything for both fall and winter! Skirts, dresses, pants – you name it, and they look good with it!
Shop the Post
This classic look is perfect to wear to a nice dinner or another event. The statement necklaceties the outfit together and adds a focal point to the top portion of the outfit, while the simple belt finishes the look. This blouse can be worn almost year round and will serve as a complete closet staple to be styled again and again!
For more winter vacation inspired pieces, shop the collection below!
Written by Maurie for Progression By Design

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