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by - Thursday, November 08, 2012

Love Marley Lilly?  Want to share Marley Lilly with your organization on campus?  Your friends will thank you once you've shared all of our adorable Marley Lilly products with them.

We want to work with YOU to help spread the word about Marley Lilly. 

Getting involved with this promotion is as easy at 1-2-3,
  1. E-mail us a list of all the members in your chapter, group or organization.  Your organization must have at leaset 50 members to be considered.  This does not have to include contact information.  We just need their first and last names so that we can make sure that each member receives a goodie!  We will respond to you with details for you to share.
  2. Copy us on the e-mail that you send out to your chapter.  Once we have your list of names, we will send you an e-mail full of information about Marley Lilly.  We want you to forward this out to your chapter and copy us on the e-mail so that we know you completed this step.
  3. Distribute Flyers & Goodies to the members in your chapter, group or organization. Once you have sent us your list and copied us on the e-mail, we will mail you a package with Marley Lilly promotional items to hand out to the member of your chapter, group or organization.
I know what you are thinking...what's in it for me?  How about a $10 Gift Card to Marley Lilly?

In order to become a campus rep for this promotion, your e-mail must include the following:
  • List of Member Names
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Full Shipping Address
  • Organization Name
  • University 
Please keep in mind that we will only be accepting ONE representative per organization at your university.  Just because you are the first responder, we will not count your entry if you only include your name.  In order to be included, you MUST send all of the information requested.  If you have not forwarded the e-mail out to your chapter within 24 hours and copied us on the e-mail, we will select a different rep.  The first responder for each organization to include all of the above information will be shown below:

Our OFFICIAL campus reps are:
  1. Lauren Light, Delta Zeta @ Tarleton State University
  2. Lauren Oesterle, Kappa Delta @ Valdosta State University
  3. Emily-June Perry, Alpha Xi Delta @ Jacksonville State University
  4. Brittany Powers, Alpha Omicron Pi @ University of Alabama
  5. Arin Calamari, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ Illinois Wesleyan University
  6. Amie Roaden, Phi Mu @ University of Kentucky
  7. Victoria Chastain, Delta Zeta @ Western Carolina University
  8. Meredith Miller, Kappa Delta @ High Point University
  9. Kaitlin Arcario, Kappa Delta @ Boston University
  10. Nicole Bendt, Kappa Delta @ Michigan State University
  11. Molly Dunn-Devine, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ Georgia Southern University
  12. Cassie Wood, Kappa Delta @ University of Missouri
  13. Paxton Lamb, Alpha Chi Omega @ Texas A&M University
  14. Kelly Truncer, Alpha Omicron Pi @ Appalachian State University
  15. Alyssa Domagalski, Kappa Delta @ Iowa State University
  16. Allison Wiles, Kappa Delta @ East Carolina University
  17. Winter Aquilar, Alpha Xi Delta @ Texas State University
  18. Amanda Stockett, Chi Omega @ Appalachian State University
  19. Adriana Poveromo, Alpha Chi Omega @ University of North Carolina-Wilmington
  20. Kaycie Brown, Alpha Delta Pi @ University of Arkansas
  21. Angelique Hassanein, Gamma Phi Beta @ St. John's University
  22. Katy Mooney, Chi Omega @ Kent State University
  23. Michelle Conrad, Alpha Phi @ Old Dominion University
  24. Melissa Conner, Alpha Delta Pi @ Georgia College & State University
  25. Rosemary Edds, Phi Sigma Sigma @ Grand Valley State University
  26. Melissa Dobrowsky, Theta Phi Alpha @ Florida Atlantic University
  27. Brittany Hurst, Delta Gamma @ University of Alabama
  28. Lacey Neal, Kappa Delta @ College of Charleston
  29. Katie Koziara, Sigma Kappa @ University of Michigan
  30. Briana Whalin, Sigma Phi Lambda @ University of Florida
  31. Katy Baker, Chi Omega @ Kansas State University
  32. Chelsea Adams, Alpha Sigma Tau @ James Madison University
  33. Emma Hutchinson, Kappa Delta @ Florida Southern University
  34. Brooke Smith, Delta Zeta @ Arkansas Tech University
  35. Maggie Bain, Zeta Tau Alpha @ LSU
  36. Mary Catherine Lowe, Pi Beta Phi @ University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  37. Lindsay Jacobsen, Kappa Delta @ Northeastern University
  38. Lindy Banres, Phi Mu @ Grand Valley State University
  39. Ginelle Calotes, Alpha Delta Pi @ University of Missouri-Kansas City
  40. Emily McGlynn, Kappa Delta @ Indiana University
  41. Kaci Sturgeon, Zeta Tau Alpha @ University of Arkansas
  42. Emily Deep, Alpha Xi Delta @ Western Kentucky University
  43. Rebecca Himmelstein, Alpha Phi @ Penn State University
  44. Megan Salzman, Kappa Delta @ UNC Charlotte
  45. Pharen McHugh, Zeta Tau Alpha @ University of South Carolina
  46. Marissa Tavares, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ University of North Texas
  47. Brenna Kearney, Pi Beta Phi @ Old Dominion University
  48. Kelsey Peck, Delta Delta Delta @ James Madison University
  49. Lauren Warner, Alpha Omicron Pi @ University of Arkansas
  50. Whitney Head, Alpha Delta Pi @ University of Texas at Austin
  51. Christie Tasca, Alpha Chi Omega @ Quinnipiac University
  52. Rebecca Staples, Phi Mu @ Florida State University
  53. Elizabeth Nelson, Kappa Delta @ Longwood University
  54. Rebecca Pearson, Sigma Kappa @ Virginia Tech
  55. Kali Tate, Alpha Omicron Pi @ Michigan State University
  56. Helene Sankovitch, Alpha Sigma Alpha @ DePaul University
  57. Taylor Augustine, Delta Gamma @ Kent State University
  58. Gracie Strand, Alpha Delta Pi @ App State University
  59. Megan Ashton, Chi Omega @ University of Missouri at Kansas City
  60. Sydney Paul, Alpha Chi Omega @ Clemson University
  61. Taylor Berry, Phi Sigma Sigma @ University of Minnesota - Duluth
  62. Townsend Huguley, Kappa Delta @ Clemson University
  63. Jane Raborn, Delta Delta Delta @ LSU
  64. Julia Edwards, Alpha Gamma Delta @ University of West Georgia
  65. Rebecca Marklin, Kappa Alpha Theta @ University of Maryland
  66. Katie Barth, Alpha Delta Pi @ Brenau University
  67. Kate Heling, Alpha Omicron Pi @ Kennesaw State University
  68. Mary Anderson, Delta Gamma @ Saint Louis University
  69. Alycia Hester, Zeta Tau Alpha @ Sam Houston State University
  70. Kendall Smith, Sigma Kappa @ Appalachian State University
  71. Mary Higgins, Zeta Tau Alpha @ Perdue University Indianapolis
  72. Felicia Wright, Gamma Phi Beta @ University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
  73. Taylor Smith, Delta Zeta @ UNC Charlotte
  74. Lauren McClintock, Omega Phi Alpha @ Kennesaw State University
  75. Alexandria "Casey" Johnson, Alpha Sigma Tau @ Central Michigan University
  76. Morgan Lynn Strader, Alpha Chi Omega @ Western Carolina University
  77. Shelby McNeese, Kappa Delta @ Northern Kentucky University
  78. Camthao Dang, Pi Beta Phi @ Virginia Tech
  79. Adriana Garcia, Gamma Phi Beta @ University of South Carolina
  80. Samantha Brookshire, Phi Mu @ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  81. Morgan Dewey, Alpha Delta Pi @ Ohio University
  82. Robin Nordman, Zeta Tau Alpha @ Texas State University
  83. Abby Ford, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ Florida State University
  84. Christianna Coplan, Alpha Gamma Delta @ Western Kentucky University
  85. Jenna Tropea, Sigma Sigma Sigma @ Presbyterian College
  86. Sarah Bohlen, Kappa Delta @ Texas A&M
  87. Shelby Huber, Phi Mu @ Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis (IUPUI)
  88. Leigh Gould, Delta Gamma @ University of North Florida
  89. Sarah Forron, Alpha Gamma Delta @ Florida State University
  90. Ariel Hansel, Delta Zeta @ North Georgia College & State University
  91. Jillian Camille Farrington, Chi Omega @ North Carolina State University
  92. Rebekah James, Sigma Kappa @ University of West Georgia
  93. Paige Poorman, Alpha Chi Omega @ Texas Tech University
  94. Rachel Howard, Chi Omega @ University of Missouri
  95. Kayliegh Cook, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ University of Florida
  96. Jacqui Horn, Delta Delta Delta @ University of Georgia
  97. Sarah Watson, Sigma Sigma Sigma @ University of North Carolina
  98. Megan Jarrell, Alpha Delta Pi @ Wake Forest University
  99. Lauren Spell, Chi Omega @ UNC Greensboro
  100. Claire Parman, Delta Delta Detla @ Furman University
  101. Ema Sabanovic, Kappa Delta @ University of Kentucky
  102. Caitlin Otto, Alpha Xi Delta @ Georgia State University
  103. Lane Alderson, Phi Mu @ Ole Miss
  104. Brooklyn May, Chi Omega @ University of Kentucky
  105. Kate Scholtes, Sigma Kappa @ University of Illinois
  106. Kayla Sapp, Delta Delta Delta @ University of Florida
  107. Chelsea Jasper, Delta Gamma @ Furman
  108. Katherine Lindequist, Pi Beta Phi @ Creighton University
  109. Katelyn Hempel, Alpha Omicron Pi @ University of Louisville
  110. Brittany Starkey, Pi Mu @ Southeastern Louisiana University
  111. Keirsten Harris, Alpha Gamma Delta @ The Ohio State University
  112. Katherine Biggs, Chi Omega @ Texas State University
  113. Kate England, Delta Gamma @ Penn State University
  114. Mary Roberts, Delta Zeta @ Florida State University
  115. Melissa Johnson, Delta Delta Delta @ Mississippi State University
  116. Anne Kuster, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ University of Missouri - Columbia
  117. Julia Bucceri, Delta Phi Epsilon @ University of Pittsburg
  118. Claudia Ash, Alpha Phi @ Appalachian State University
  119. Erika Dietrich, Alpha Chi Omega @ Missouri State University
  120. Molly Onderbeke, Phi Mu @ Central Michigan University
  121. Briana Tonns, Zeta Tau Alpha @ University of Miami
  122. Taylor Stewart, Alpha Sigma Alpha @ Central Michigan University
  123. Lauren Ellis, Alpha Phi @ UNC Wilmington
  124. Samantha Gulsby, Alpha Delta Pi @ University of West Florida in Pensacola
  125. Madalyn Stokes, Alpha Phi @ Clemson University
  126. Abbie Nicholson, Kappa Kappa Gamma @ University of Alabama
  127. Lauren Martin, Zeta Tau Alpha @ James Madison University
  128. Katie Hughes, Delta Zeta @ University of Maine


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