The Perfect College Care Package

by - Monday, February 03, 2014

With it being winter and the weather being a bit dreary, now would be the perfect time to brighten your favorite college students day by sending a package their way! Personally, my day gets 15 times better when my phone buzzes with an email from Furman's postal service stating that I have a package. Send that excitement someones way with these fool proof prizes.
(PS - this is geared towards gals so if you want a guys version let me know)

Throw in a combination of these items or the whole bunch!

The Perfect College Care Package

1. Coffee Gift Card:

It comes as no surprise that coffee keeps many of us college students engaged and alert! Load it up with $10 or $15 and they will surely thank you every sip. Be sure to find out what coffee shop they have on campus so that you can get them a giftcard for there!

2. Homemade Sweets:

The perfect taste of home! The dining hall gets old, I know that and I have only had one semester of experience with it! Send them their favorite snack but be sure to send enough for them to share since that is inevitable. 

3. Magazines:

Magazines are quite the luxury in college! Free time (if you are lucky enough to get any) usually isn't spent getting away from everything going on. A magazine if the perfect way to tell your favorite college kid to take a break and relax now and then!

4.  Nail Polish and Socks:

Going along with the idea of relaxation show your college kid that it is more than acceptable to pamper yourself!

5. Movie:

Throw in a fabulous movie! Some of my favorite weekend nights are spent watching movies with friends in the dorms. Feel free to throw in popcorn as well!

6. Any Necessity:

Whether it is shampoo, toothpaste, or face wash I know how frustrating it is to spend your allowance on these sort of things! This way you will feel like your package is necessary!

If anyone needs my address after this post let me know!

What are your favorite things to receive in the mail?

Written by Dorothy from Prep In Your Step

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