The Top 5 Reasons To Clean Out Your Closet

by - Wednesday, January 07, 2015

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2015 is finally here! One way to embrace this fresh beginning is to take the time to clean out your closet. I know, I know – who willingly does a closet cleanup? Me. But seriously – I think it will definitely help me up my style game in this new year. Before the year kicks into high gear (and the post-winter sales begin to sneak up on us again), do yourself a favor and see what you have. And if that hasn’t convinced you, maybe one of these five reasons will…

You will find stuff from middle school that you know is not worth keeping | I found so much stuff from seventh and eighth grade still lingering in my closet! I won’t lie – some of it I did keep. There were other pieces that were so outdated - and in no way still fit me! It’s so funny because so many things I found brought back weird memories – and I can picture myself wearing those clothing pieces to various events that happened such a long time ago!
You will feel like you’ve gained a whole new wardrobe (seriously!) | There are so many pieces in my closet I haven’t worn in awhile that are still so cute. I can’t wait to find new ways to wear these pieces! Once everything is cleaned out, you’ll know that you can wear everything in your closet. No hesitations as to whether or not something will fit – now it’s all about just finding new ways to style your clothing, which is so incredibly fun!
You can donate your clothing to charity | There are so many ways to give your clothes/accessories away to your local community. You can also donate your clothes toFashion Project, a website that sells used clothing and puts part of the profit toward a charity of your choice! So far, I’ve raised $96 for an Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, which I think is absolutely amazing.
You can see how far your style has come | My style has definitely shifted and developed since middle school. Although I’m not outright preppy, I’ve definitely noticed that my style has started to lean toward that particular style.
You will feel bad about how many clothes you have (…or maybe that is just me?) | Many people make a New Year’s Resolution to tone down their shopping habits – combing through your closet is a great way to see how much you have. I found that I am going to have an extremely tough time moving my clothes up to a small college dorm room closet next year!!
What’s your favorite organization plan to start off a new year?
Written by Jamie of The Fashion Newcomer

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