Cookie Butter Bourbon Milkshake with Bacon Chocolate Sprinkles

by - Monday, September 07, 2015

Cookie Butter Bourbon Milkshake |
Soooo…..things escalated quickly.
It started off so innocently. I just wanted to make a batch of homemade no churn cookie butter ice cream.
I made the cookie butter ice cream and it was really everything I wanted and more. It was a first attempt at making ice cream without an ice cream maker and I felt pretty proud of myself, not going to lie.
But then I got to thinking…how could I make cookie butter ice cream even more epic?!?
The answer, like most answers, was staring me right in the face.
Cookie Butter Bourbon Milkshake |
I’ve had success with bourbon milkshakes (you should probably file this bourbon pumpkin pie shake for football tailgates) before and had a sneaking hunch that the bourbon would mix quite nicely with the sweet blend of cookie butter and ice cream.
And I was right. And I could have left it at that: a cookie butter bourbon milkshake.
But nooooooo.
I get excited about something and go full steam ahead with it.
I could never be accused of being less than enthusiastic about an idea. It’s gung-ho or bust!
Cookie Butter Bourbon Milkshake |
So I added shavings from Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Ganache Bar.
I was left without supervision and this is what happened.
It just got real.
Cookie Butter Bourbon Milkshake |
Please don’t ever leave me alone, okay?
Or maybe you should because this is a pretty baller boozy shake.

Ingredients (Serves One) 

3 generous scoops of cookie butter ice cream 
1/4 cup bourbon 
1/2 cup milk 
Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Ganache Bar shavings (for garnish)


Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve topped with whipped cream + chocolate bar shavings. Cheers!
Written by Lauren Anne from DC Girl In Pearls

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  1. I'm actually drooling. I just moved near a Trader Joe's and have been purposely ignoring the Cookie Butter. I don't know if I can ignore it anymore after this..