How Going Vegan Has Changed My Fitness + My Favorite Exercises

by - Monday, June 20, 2016

Since going vegan, I've noticed an incredible shift in how I feel, especially during exercise.  I used to dread workouts, I couldn't run more than a mile or so without needing a walking break, and I was never motivated to do a spontaneous workout.  But since transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, I've seen a few major results in my fitness.

I can run now!  I mean, I could 'run' before, but it's now an actual enjoyable experience.  Before my first run after my vegan transition, I planned out designated walking breaks throughout the run, and I was shocked when I didn't need any of them.  That was the first time I'd finished a run without stopping, and I felt great!  Less tired, less short of breath, and like I could keep on going if I wanted to.  

I've also felt so much more motivated- I don't think I ever used to randomly go out for a jog because I felt like it.  Now I'm having fun exploring the hiking trails near my home and more often than not, I feel up to some activity.  

Some of my favorite workouts are:

Running-  This is a newfound love!  I honestly used to complain that I hated running, but it's fun for me now!  I love the rush of endorphins afterwards, and my new stamina has really been a huge factor in my new hobby.

Dance-  I'm a horrible dancer.  But my favorite stress release is locking myself in a room, putting on some great music (currently that's Lemonade), and dancing like no one is watching, because no one is watching.  And make sure it's a room without mirrors, because I've caught a glimpse of myself dancing in the mirror and it kind of kills the mood.  

Pilates-  Every day, without fail, I will do my pilates circuit and my long (usually 4 mins) plank.  It's great to keep a strong core, and all you need is a floor- no exercise clothes needed.  I do this in my pajamas before bed sometimes.

Yoga-  I used to do yoga daily, and to be honest, I've fallen out of that routine.  Now I just do a few poses before bed to help me relax and relieve some tension. 

Hope this post was helpful!

Written by Julia from Little Miss Haute Couture

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