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I always make my sweet potato casserole for both thanksgiving and christmas and it is SO good, but since I recently made it a few weeks before thanksgiving for a friendsgiving – I wanted to try something new for thanksgiving. these roasted veggies were at the friendsgiving and even though I don’t really care for brussels sprouts, I really liked the dish. I asked for the recipe and then made some changes to it, her recipe includes bacon and mine doesn’t so if you want to add bacon – go for it! side note, I didn’t realize until writing this post that there is an ‘s’ at the end of brussel… who knew. and how beautiful are these colorful vegetables?!
I also have to talk about this awesome monogrammed casserole carrier from marleylilly, y’all I’ve been wanting one so bad and finally got it for this dish, I actually chopped all the veggies at my house first, put them in a 9×11 dish with lid (obsessed with these from crate and barrel, and cheap too!) and brought it in the carrier over to my parents’ house on thanksgiving day. it was so easy, sturdy, and adorable!
-3/4 c. brussels sprouts, halved and trimmed-1 medium sweet potato, peeled, and cut into cubes (1.5 cups, I used bagged, cubed sweet potatoes from trader joe’s)
-1 medium granny smith apple, peeled and cubed
-1/2 c. whole garlic cloves, peeled
-1 T. olive oil
-1 T. balsamic vinegar
-1/2 t. paprika
-1/2 t. salt
-chopped, fresh chives and rosemary

1. preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
2. in a large bowl, mix together all ingredients except chives/rosemary and stir until coated with oil and spices.
3. cover a baking sheet with parchment and spread veggies in a single layer.
4. bake until tender and golden, about 30 minutes.
5. sprinkle with fresh herbs and serve!
casserole carrier c/o marleylilly

Written by Lauren for Lauren Alford Design

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