5 Plants to Spruce Up Your Home

by - Friday, March 02, 2018

There is nothing I love more than greenery in my home. Plants bring life, freshness, and just calmness into my living space. Whether you are living in an apartment, house, or just have a small room to yourself, a plant could easily brighten up and restore the energy in your place. I have quite a few favorites, but here are my personal favorites that I have added to my home.

1. Fig Fiddle

This cute, little tree fits perfectly inside of any corner next to a desk, chair, or couch. Not only is this just simple and beautiful to look at, they also improve the air quality! These are certainly the most sought after plants and even though they are beautiful they are also very hard to keep alive. I’ve had a few, RIP Roxanne. My new girl, Penny is living her best life in my apt. The trick I’ve had success with is to put them in the sunniest spot in your house and don’t move them. Talk to them, give them a little verbal love (I know, crazy plant lady but it works) also give them a good watering every two weeks. Penny’s leaves will start to drop, that’s an easy way to tell she’s in need of some H2O. The larger fiddles are mostly found at local nurseries but I was surprised to find my little fig, Peggy at Lowes for only $18!

2. Zz Plant

If you want something low maintenance and it will look beautiful with little effort, the Zz plant is the way to go. You have most likely seen the Zz plant in offices or business buildings and thought they were fake, but they are real and don’t need much care or attention at all! They require low light and only need water every ten days or so. The more you forget about them, the better they do! This is my girl Pearl showing off some new blooms! I also just got a baby Zz plant at my local Ikea for $10!

3. Succulents/Cactus

The instagram worthy plants to add on top of desks and in front of your windows. You can find these at most arts and craft stores and your local home improvement store. These come in cute little pots (or you can paint your own) that will brighten up your living space! Both succulents and cactuses come in a variety of colors and again, need little to low maintenance! Such an easy way to make your living space look more polished.

4. Devils Ivy
This vine is not as evil as the name appears. If you worry about not having a green thumb, this ivy earned its name because it is almost impossible to kill. Usually put into a pot, this vine with its heart shaped marble green foliage is a beautiful addition to a room that needs more life to it. I love the dramatic look of this plant, perfect to fill space on a bookshelf or even as a hanging plant. 

5. Snake Plant

Named one of the best household plants, this upright, sword like foliage makes for  a perfect and smaller decoration for any coffee table, counter top, or front porch decoration. If you want the health benefits that come with this plant, place it in your bedroom. This plant gives off oxygen throughout the night instead of during the day, so your room will be perfectly filtered.

I prefer clean looks with as little maintenance as possible when decorating my home. I hope you enjoy this natural way, of decorating your home. The more plants the better in my book!


Original Content Written by Mckenna Bleu

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