Turn Bad Days Into Lessons

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I'll admit that I had a really bad day yesterday. Like probably one of the worst days I've had in a while. It would be too long to go into details, but here is a summary of what happened.

one // I'm pretty sure I literally got a 0 on my AP English pop quiz because we were allowed to use our notes that we took on the article we read, but the notes had to be separate from the article and not on the actual article itself. I had spent an hour the night before reading the 17-page article, highlighting important information, and writing notes on the sides of the papers. I had no idea we couldn't do it on the actual article, so I had no notes to use and therefore could not retain any information about the article. Luckily I wasn't the only one who did this.
two // The last time I had Spanish before yesterday was on Tuesday. We had a Spanish test scheduled for yesterday, but my teacher said on Tuesday that he didn't think the test would end up being on Thursday and that he would push it back. So I didn't study at all on Wednesday night because I was planning on studying Thursday. Guess what happens? I walk into class yesterday and have to take the test, EVEN THOUGH HE SAID HE DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD BE ON THURSDAY!!!, and didn't feel that prepared. Great.
three // The period before I had Spanish was study. I was planning on spending that whole time studying for Spanish, not knowing the test was going to be that day, but then I got a pass to go to guidance because my counselor wanted to talk to me about colleges. I ended up only having 15 minutes of study because the rest of my time was spent in guidance, which means I barely got to study for my test. Great.

So yes, it was a really bad day. And yes, my boyfriend felt really bad so he ended up buying me an iced coffee and a donut before his football practice after school (he's awesome!). Anyway, I'm usually a super optimistic person, so I started thinking to myself, How can I learn from this and make sure it doesn't happen again? And I came up with great plans for all three of my bad situations.

one // From now on, don't take notes directly on an article/piece of literature you're assigned for a class. Always take notes in a separate document on your iPad or in a notebook. You never know when you might get a pop quiz on the info and will be able to use your notebook!
two // Even if a teacher says the test will be pushed back, still study for it as if it will still be on the original day. In fact, start studying subjects right as you get information so you will be prepared for any test and any quiz at any time.
three // Don't rely on your study/free period to get assignments done because you never know if you're going to have an interruption. Get the majority of your homework done at home, and do what you can't do at home in your study. Or even better, donext week's assignments in study after you finish the assignments for this week!

I think that we are all able to take any bad situation, no matter how much it sucks, and learn a good lesson out of it. Turn your mistakes into tips and make your past your companion.

How do you learn from bad days?

Written by Ashley of Private School Prepster

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