Memorial Day Fruit + Cheese Jar Salads

by - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Fruit + Cheese Salad Jars |
Anybody else completely forget about the long weekend coming up? And the fact that swimsuit season is pretty much upon us?
I’d rather not talk about the bagels, chicken fingers + tacos I ate this weekend like a 5 year old who was left home alone. So I’m hitting the reset button and doing my best to get my fruits, veggies + lean proteins in this week. But what about the weekend? With the Memorial Day BBQs and picnics, it’s pretty easy to snack and go overboard with burgers, hot dogs + macaroni salads. Speaking from experience.
So, in the spirit of trying not to eat like a child, I wanted to come up with a healthy Memorial Day picnic snack. Of course, it had to be red, white + blue.
Memorial Day Fruit + Cheese Salad Jars |
Hello, Fruit + Cheese Jar Salads!
Because honestly, I wasn’t really sure what to call these little guys…
Full disclosure: I originally wanted to have the fruit + cheese be on a skewer but the cheese didn’t take kindly to be skewered. So I had to go with a back-up plan but I think the mini-canning jar works perfectly.
Is there anything more Americana than a canning jar?
Nope. There is not.
Memorial Day Fruit + Cheese Salad Jars |
Keeping the red, white + blue theme going, IZZE Sparkling Blueberry is a fun drink for the Memorial Day weekend! Just add a red stripe straw for instant-Memorial Day picnic fun.
And it’s easy on the waistline, too ; )
Though if you added some prosecco or vodka, I wouldn’t mind. It’s a long weekend, after all!
Memorial Day Fruit + Cheese Salad Jars |
Oh, and my American flag koozie is hands down one of the best post-brunch Target run finds of all time!! I couldn’t find it online but here’s a pretty patriotic koozie set if you’re looking for Memorial Day party favors. It’s also never too early to stock up for 4th of July!
Memorial Day Fruit + Cheese Salad Jars |

Written by Lauren of DC Girl In Pearls

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