5 Minute Summer Makeup

by - Monday, June 01, 2015

Minimal is always better in the summer. In my eyes summer is the perfect time to be a bit lazy when it comes to your makeup routine. Lazy doesn't necessarily have to be putting in no effort but instead taking a few quick steps to give the illusion of a polished look.

Usually during the summers I am at camp where I tend to not even use makeup aside from nights out but sometimes when I am at home and going places where I know I am going to run into people I know it is nice to have put in a bit of effort. Another thing to think about in the summer is the fact that it is typically very hot and you definitely don't want to sweat any makeup you do choose to put on off. I have pretty much perfected which products I use for a quick 5-minute summer makeup look when I just want to look a bit more polished than post rolling out of bed and sometimes I don't even do this much. I have also found that light powders are the quickest way to go in the summer because in just a couple of sweeps your makeup look is nearly complete.

Here are the products I use to achieve this look and I can easily throw in some eye shadow or a foundation of some sort if I am looking to look even more made up. If I am looking to do even less then sometimes I just put some lotion on my face and add a swipe of mascara and call it quits, it all depends on the day.

1. Cetaphil (I use this almost as a primer, I like for my face to be soft and moisturized before applying any makeup to it) | 2. Pixi Eye Liner in Navy | 3. Eye Lash Curler | 4. Loreal Mascara | 5. J.Edwards Concealer | 6. Bare Minerals Foundation Powder | 7. Pixi Bronzer in Sun Kissed | 8. Nars Blush | 9.Bobbi Brown in Desert Rose | 10. Elf Eyebrow Kit (if I am feeling like I really need to look put together) 

What are your favorite makeup products to use in the summer?

Written by Dorothy of Prep In Your Step

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