by - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

do you ever make a purchase because of something you saw on social media? whenever I do, I always laugh to myself since the impact of social media can be hard to quantify for brands or marketing agencies. I wish I could tell the brand or store "hey, it's working!" and "keep it up!" I guess that's the marketing nerd in me.

I usually clean up my patio around march or april and replant my window boxes... basically I get my patio all ready for cocktails on a warm day or early evening. I love having a drink with stephen after work on the patio. I keep thinking winter is over but as we did have snow recently, I think I'm just in denial. I am so ready for spring and I happened to see an instagram post from my local pike nursery about ornamental kale and cabbage, how they can be planted now and withstand the cold temperatures through spring. SOLD. while I may still need to wear a jacket outside, at least I can have a colorful patio already.

if you're local to the atlanta area, be sure to check out pike nurseries. a lot of the kale I picked was on sale which makes these cold-weathered beauties even better!

according to the garden helper, a light to moderate frost can even brighten the color of the ornamental kale. and while kale doesn't do well in extreme heat, it will last all through spring, which means I won't need to tend to my patio garden for quite some time.

Written by Lauren from laurensparkle

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