by - Monday, September 05, 2016

I've now survived two weeks of actual classes and am for the most part really enjoying them (well aside from math but I'm not a math person). It has been so nice to enjoy the time when I am on campus since for my first couple of weeks back I was constantly at an elementary school for my student teaching. As a senior (woah) it has become a lot easier for me to jump back into the routine and know exactly what I need to do before each class as well as what to pack. 

Since I have a bit of experience with this I thought that it could be fun to share with y'all what exactly I think is important to take to class each day in addition to whatever textbooks you may need. It's always better to be more prepared then necessary and you'll be able to see that is the case with my backpack below! 

What are your backpack essentials, do ours match up? Also, be on the lookout for another Step Into My Week post tomorrow!
Written by Dorothy from Prep In Your Step

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