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by - Monday, November 06, 2017

I've never really loved reading the news. I know how important it is to stay up to date on current events but most of the time I feel like it's filled sad and depressing stories and isn't the type of thing I want to start my day with. I do try my best and read things like TheSkimm in the morning and I typically put on the morning news while getting ready.

However, in all of my classes right now we're required to stay up to date and are expected to be able to discuss current events realted to the fashion inudstry.

I used to feel embarassed when I told people at school I wanted to go into the fashion industry. All of my friends are so smart and I felt like I was surrounded by future lawyers, engineers, and doctors. I felt silly saying my dream was to go into fashion.

But fashion is so much more than pretty clothes and runway shows. The fashion industry has a huge effect on our economy and hires millions of Americans around our country. There is so much more to it than clothing.

I thought I would share a few fashion news stories making headlines right now that I found interesting this past week. Some of them are more fun than necessarily "news stories" but fun either way!

This is more fun than actual news but everyone knows how much I love a good bow so I couldn't resist adding this. 

Have you heard that the Nordstrom family might be taking the company priavate? Right now they've paused the process until after the holidays but it could happen sooner than we think. 

So much respect for REI! I think one of the best benefits is that their employees will get to truly enjoy their holiday with their family. 

Not exactly current events, but the video is so interesting to watch. Dior has to be one of my favorite couture houses so I love learning more about the brand. 

Did you hear that Coach Inc. is chaning their name?! It shouldn't effect much but it's still interesting to read about. 

What news stories have you read this past weekend?


Written by Shannon for Prep Avenue

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  1. Hi it is an interesting point and you are completely right about the importance of fashion it is a huge industry not only in America but incorporating the whole world due to factories in Asia and elsewhere in the developing countries and it has a big impact on the global economy so there are actually very often stories connected to fashion in the news. Also importantly, fashion plays an important role in the life of many people. I am reading a lot lately about sustainability in fashion which is quite an interesting topic!