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by - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Maybe I've become really cheap in my old days. Perhaps it's just my inner bargainista. Or possibly it's the simple fact that I'd rather spend my money on furniture and house decor than I do clothes and makeup. Maybe I'm alone when I say I'm OVER spending an arm and a leg on hair and make up products but something deep down tells me there's millions of other women who feel the exact same way.

Whatever it may be, I have come across some incredible beauty buys that I couldn't help but share with the world. Ahem: the blogging world, that is


1. Suave Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner: holy amazingness. I was a Paul Mitchell girl for years...YEARS...until I had to stop using it because all of their products have panthenol in them. (Panthenol = no bueno for the pores.) My mom told me about this stuff and I thought to myself "Suave? Pssssh..." Never in a million years did I think I'd ever purchase a bottle. Now...I can't buy enough of it! It's panthenol-free and works wonders! My hair is thicker, shinier and has been growing like no tomorrow. Even my hair girl made a comment about it! Which brings me to my next two products...

2. Suave Dry Shampoo: For all you greasy-headed kids out there, run to your nearest Target and purchase a case of this bottled gold. I've had greasy hair my WHOLE life (all 26 years, ya know) and this is by far the BEST dry shampoo I've yet to find. Best part-it's only $3. Yes.

3. Suave Leave-In Conditioner: Same as the shampoo and conditioner, this stuff does NOT disappoint. I want to say the bottle is like $3, lasts forever and works like a charm. Again, this one is panthenol-free, too, and works the same, if not better, than my old flame, Paul Mitchell Super Strong Leave-In. (Yes-I miss that stuff. No-I do not miss the price tag.)

4. Baby Lips: All my fellow lip balm addictees, you'll be pissed you didn't know about this sooner. Just take my advice on this one, mmmkay?

5. Elf Cream Eyeliner: I've talked about this before and I'll talk about it again. La-la-la-la-LOVE this stuff. Again, I want to say it's like $3 and the tub lasts for-ev-er. It goes on okay with the tiny brush that comes with it but it goes on amazing when you use Elf's angled eyeliner brush!

6.  Revlon Colorstay Foundation: I cannot POSSIBLY say enough good things about this foundation. Along with an oily head, I was also blessed with uber-oily skin. I've used Dior Airbrush Foundation, Makeup Forever Foundation, MAC, Elf, etc...and it never face looked like a slip-n-slide by 10am. The Colorstay is, hands down, my absolute FAVORITE foundation to ever grace my skin. My face is rarely shiny, if at all, and it stays on all. day. long. Plus-it's panthenol-free, too!(Muy importante for my acne-prone girls out there!)

7. Elf Lipgloss: I was skeptical about this stuff the first time I tried it but lo and behold, it completely won me over the 5th time I tried it. My favorite color is "Fairy" and the best part, it only costs 1 dollhair.

8. Revlon Colorstay Powder: Repeat #6. Amazing stuff, I tell ya, and goes on GREAT with the Colorstay foundation.

9. Elf Stipple Brush: lets just say I'm a little bitter about that fact that I spent my hard-earned $50 on the stupid MAC stipple brush when this one was a whopping $6 AND works better. 

10. Maybelline Love Lash: Ahhh the infamous pink and green tube. I have tried this mascara SO many times only to be disappointed every single time, that was, until I got the RIGHT pink and green tube. From Diorshow to Lacomes Definicil, Lash Love trumps those, in my book. MUST run to your nearest Tarjay and buy this stuff STAT. It's separates your lashes perfectly, does NOT clump or flake and gives your lashes the length they deserve. 

I'm the last person to look to for beauty advice and I'm definitely no PinkLouLou when I comes to this stuff, I know, but these are a few recent finds I know I'll be using (& loving) for a long, long time! And the best part, you can find them all at good ol' Target for less than $10 each. :) You're so welcome! 

Written by Stephanie from BEAUtiful Mess

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