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by - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So remember how I was gonna start blogging again? Well...our internet and cable (my lifelines) still aren't set up, which has been a massive pain in my keester. It's been a whole saga, but the long and short of it is that it may be up to another two weeks before it's all set up. Thank you internet and cable guys for being rifreakindiculous. 

However, while I've been banned free from internet, The Bachelor, and all my Bravo shows, it's forced given me more time to get the house organized and start decorating and getting it how I want it, which is oh so fabulous :)

My latest obsession, and I mean obsession, has been my new bar cart! Y'all. I've always wanted one, and now that I have one, I really just can't get enough, and all day every day, my gears are turning about all the little knickknacks I need to make it absolutely perfect. I might have also maxed out my entire iPhone data plan perusing beautifully styled bar carts all over the interwebs. So, I figured, why not fuel this obsessive little fire of mine and post some of my favorite bar cart inspirations?

So, that's exactly what I'm gonna do :)

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If you have a pretty bar cart, I wanna see! Tweet me pictures!

Written by Mason from Mason, Like the Jar

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