Tips For Packing The Perfect Holiday Travel Carry-On

by - Monday, December 15, 2014

One and a half week down of Countdown to Blogmas! I’ve been loving everyone else’s posts… go check them out by searching #Countdown2Blogmas on social media.
Holiday travel is so fun! All of my family members live within a two hour radius, so I never have to hop on a plane to visit any of them for the holiday season. However, I know plenty of people that travel by plane to visit relatives in order to properly celebrate any of the fun holidays in December. Here are my tips for packing a great holiday carry-on bag….
Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.37.50 PMHoliday Travel Essentials
Bringing a bigger bag is a smart idea – if you are traveling specifically for Christmas or Hanukkah, you might come back with gifts that you might want to use to entertain yourself on the ride home! And of course, you might be bringing gifts with you to your destination (but I’ll get to that later…)
Holiday travel means lots of families on planes and in the airport – often with young kids. Bring a pair of heavy duty headphones to drown out (possible) babies crying on your flight in order to rest up properly.
After arriving at the airport, pick up some December/January issues! I love browsing through these, and especially for fellow bloggers, they might provide fun inspiration for future blog posts.
Chances are, if you are traveling for the holidays, you are bringing some gifts for family members with you. Pack them in your carry on – the most obvious reason would be because if you’re luggage gets lost, then you still have the gifts!
It might just be me, but I rarely ever wear make-up when I’m traveling on a plane. Therefore, pack some moisturizer and perhaps a few makeup essentials so you can touch up and hydrate your skin before you go see all your friends and family!
What’s your #1 tip for packing a holiday carry-on?

Written by Jamie of The Fashion Newcomer 

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  1. One note that I would add is to NOT wrap your presents if you're carrying them. That is against TSA rules. Your gifts have to be unwrapped to go through security.

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster


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